This is the place where we gather to make a difference in the world at large and the lives of those around us. I started this thing with a Wordpress blog, and after getting my thoughts off my mind and onto a platform, I recently decided to make something more than just a social network identity out of my efforts. I have no expectations for what my voice in the world will become, but I know if I share what bubbles up within me, others will find their voice and join in... 

There was a time in the history of mankind, where the geography of the earth separated people to the extent, we didn't know much about the thoughts or feelings of anyone outside of those individuals living within a reasonable distance. The other dominating factor in this detached environment was the extremely low capacity of the majority of individuals to read and write. Stories were word of mouth, so if you weren't around differing cultures to express your thoughts and feelings face to face, you were isolated within the community of where you lived. Socially, the evolutional trajectory of humans to communicate, connect, and share our most inner personal aspects of being human has brought us to today. Much more progress is needed to eradicate the suffering resulting from scarcity, tyranny, persecution, oppression, and exclusion from the abundance held by the few. Mine is not a pursuit of Robin Hood like nature of taking from the wealth and simply giving to the underprivileged, but rather to build a social awareness of how to make change that benefits everyone. It just seems such a shame to have the capacity to communicate a message to hundreds of millions of people via the technology at our fingertips, and not to put some effort into such a worth while cause. 

Basic tenants:

No human can be at their best when hungry and afraid! Hunger is a very solvable problem with better utilization and distribution of resources. We possess the technology to adequately feed everyone. The political and religious ideological barriers in place today prevent the utilization of our capacity to execute the technology in place. Those barriers are dissolved by lifting people up with knowledge and understanding of whats truly available to them. 

Just as with hunger, fear is a problem who's solutions lie in social will to make things better for everyone. Violence of any kind is never used to acquire meaningful wealth, but rather a tool to suggest the concept of dominance. Political ideologies utilize it to subjugate the masses into believing they are reliant upon said government for their privileges. Allowing violence to exist unrestrained within family structures is another sign of the lack of social will to prevent it. Rule of Law serves no true purpose if we don't first use it to protect the individuals from the minority of those who would revert to violence to instill fear.