The average human only requires around 90 watts of energy per day to sustain life. The life that supports though in an average developed society requires an average of 11,000 watts of energy per day for everything else surrounding just sustaining life. If you multiply that by the number of people living on the planet, you quickly face the harsh reality, that not everyone can have this level of existence. Tyranny, oppression, slavery, religion, monarchy, and communism have decided the have's and have nots to this point in time. Who will be the deciders of the future, where exponentially more lives are involved in this dilemma? For the last 500 years, innovations have staved off the issues at hand here, by creating solutions to overcome the accumulated problems without addressing the social problems inherently attached to our species. Burning carbon is killing our planet, and contaminating the earth’s fresh water faster than it can naturally be filtered is another crisis for our species to resolve. The only problem is we don’t really see these phenomena as crises. We’re more consumed by the emotional issues surrounding human rights and freedoms, than the reality of the planets decay. Consciousness is a tricky little bitch, we’re aware, yet afraid. So much so, we neglect the very source of life for all the ancillary extrapolations not supporting life, but pampering the delusions of comfort. 





  “we feel, yet we don’t understand why...” 



The story of life is widely misrepresented by the myths and legends permeating our short period of existence with the capacity to express what that means. A hundred years of progress feels like all of time memorial. A generation connects with what they view as their privilege, and dismisses the acknowledgement of the past as the precursor to today. The challenges of tomorrow lie dormant in the vision of today. We fail to imagine what lives in the future, if we bask within the jaded accomplishments of the past. You can’t see tomorrow, if you don’t recognize today...



   “...we live as though”




The future of life for this planet comes with the acknowledgement of its ties to the abundance of the universe absent from the exploitation of the precious scarcity we focus on. Carbon and water provide the life we know, with all of its written history. Nuclear fusion is the gateway to life’s extension beyond our moral inabilities with practices such as greed and power. Reckless profitability has corrupted our ability to perceive the best path for sustainability of everything. Instead we promote justice and a symbolic righteousness for building fear is much easier than creating understanding. 


   “...birthday cake”

   “...birthday cake”




   “...rolling thunder”

   “...imminent front”


   “...change delivery”


   “...tasty vittles”


Being a son of the South, I love basking in the cultural nuances and traditions. It’s not all about slavery and racism, you realize we didn’t invent either of those social scars. Honor and hospitality are the codes for those of us, who love their mommas and appreciate the respect aligned with embracing something beyond yourself. Satisfaction is an accomplishment, not a transient disposition. We all live to a certain capacity, southerners assess life with a differing intensity. The journey does matter to the outcome. 




I’m very much reminded of the capabilities of the human condition run amuck this past week. Yet again, we revisit the entire concept of human rights, and a single society’s right to express their freedoms with possession of arms for the illusion of self defense. Murder is the byproduct, whenever justice is held at bay from mandated civility in deciding whose death was an accident, and whose was intentional. Emotional disposition isn’t a box to be checked, whenever you go to buy a weapon, just as long as you’ve never been convicted of the subjective idea of a felony. All those, whose lives were extinguished, will never debate the rationale of why so many guns. They lie silently in the grave from the illegitimate notion, it’s a human right to bear those arms for freedom...


  “...beers, wings, dumpster, birthday’s” 



  #southern pride