This place is where I can uncoil my mind from all the interactions of living a life filled with inquiries about almost everything. Mostly I explain out loud my perspective from what I experience. What you read is basically me explaining it to myself. I don’t take notes, then organize them with an outline, before constructing a manuscript. I simply imagine through the keyboard on my phone as the notion strikes me. Seldom does this involve my feelings, or an opinion. I have those, just as everyone else, but for the purpose of this place, try not to get too deep into that realm. I do enjoy reading the words of others as they manage their emotional journey’s through life. We are by nature very much driven good or bad by this mechanism for experience and expression. You can sense the level of involvement from a persons writing, as they take what spills over from their privacy and pour that onto these pages. I often speculate within their words, how much they understand about themselves versus their assumptions of how that fits into everyone else’s lives. We’re all more alike than the differences we elaborate and hover about. No human hopes to feel isolated and alone, yet far too often, we allow ourselves to, just because the fear of rejection might sting even more. 

“Something special about a seasoned cone of meat sliced and grilled on a warm piece of flatbread...”

My question is simply: “How do we build a better today, without totally destroying innocent people’s perspectives of the heritage of our past...?”

Everyone’s individual passions resonate a message from someone’s being. You know, that feeling you get as you realize the feeling in someone else’s heart feels like it’s inside your chest. That lives in almost everyone, just in varying degrees on intensity. We all know what it’s like to feel something profoundly larger than our singular existence. Writing and sharing this aspect of ourselves, allows humanity to expand these effects across many generations. Breaking this chain is the problem, and reduction of the volume of occurrences, so we fully understand the scope of its impact. 

It just feels like, we should all crack open our window of acceptance...just a wee bit more...”

I say all this shit...cuz, remember, I’m thinking out loud. I’m identifying all this within my own reality as well. Believing in a bigger story, than just your own...expands your presence 😍 Adjusting this collective focus, it’s the shit I’m looking at. “Fuck, Fight, or Hold the Light...I’m all in!”

Keep showing yourself, your words shape your world. Let someone know how much you care. Care enough to share yourself. “Of course I love you...”

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