“Whenever you do what’s convenient...rather, than doing what’s right”

Right after my last post of nonsensical photos and captions, I read an article about the atrocious in Myanmar 🇲🇲. Chickenshit was the word that ran through my mind as I digested the the gruesome details of human savagery. I could have just as easily waited for something more valid to think about, and give my perspective on, but I shot out some photos and fashioned some captions instead. Myanmar is not new news, it’s a fucking train wreck of human indignity. I had a friend from the 1980’s, who had some business dealings over there, when the country was known as Burma. The unrest and atrocities haven’t relented over the decades. Buddhists persecuting Muslims, guess there’s no real ideological peace? Poverty, malnutrition, corruption, military dictatorships, all the stuff from a 1960’s historic accounting of most third world places. 

“Did anyone else read anything about this today...?”

Myanmar is only one of the stories from around the world, that should put some perspective on many of our lives. We complain about inconveniences, that millions would laugh off as privileged whining. There is more work to be done with regards to expanding a minimum level of human existence. It’s sad that we know so much about the human condition, and apply so little of that to the issues at hand.

“Our problems revolve around the fact we don’t identify, that we’re all the same animal...”

None of us are different varieties of Homo sapiens. We vary by features, but other than that, we’re all the same. It’s our man made attributes, that attract the most distinction, and thus get the most attention. Cultural variation are not biologically divergent, they are perspective dependent, and can be adjusted. Fuck, it’s Friday, so more after some beers... #concern