In today’s world, the roles of males and females have been cultivated over hundreds of years of cultural influences. The Harvey “Dickbag” Weinstein issue has brought to light some of the many fucked up dynamics associated with the way we view and represent the social roles of males and females. 

“Biological vs. Sociological...”

Evolution has left males and females in their very distinct roles for propagation of our species. Regardless of your social views and perspectives, the male provides the sperm, and the female provides the egg, gestation, and birthing of our offspring. In order to reproduce future generations of our species, a specific protocol must be followed. For hundreds of thousands of years, this went on absent of any interpretation of the assignment of ulterior roles or agendas. Small groups of Homo Sapiens, linked by genetics and proximity, worked together to maintain and sustain their groups health and well-being. Anthropological finds from all over the world, have given us insight into this understanding of our species. Around 150 is the consistant population of these tribal gatherings. It’s speculated by anthropologists, that this number represents the natural limit for inner personal relationships among our species. All members of these groups could maintain an intimate relationship with all other members of the group. 

“Roles were assumed by biological capacity...”

Everyone provided the capacity to the group, they were best physically adapted to supply. Accept what your abilities are, and get the most of what you can provide. Life was simple, and large groups of humans hadn’t amassed yet, so injustice and war as we know them, weren’t a part of human life. The point is every single word thus far, are here to suggest the sexism expressed in today’s world, was mostly absent up to the time period of my story. Its hard to verify, due to the lack of written language, precisely what specific gender roles were, but evidence of remains from both males and females of advanced age, suggests parity of responsibility. Responsibilities represent value in an inner dependent society. 

“So...who the fuck, designed today’s division of responsibility?”

Why are we wasting away in a society, that tolerates males being as shitty as they are today? 

Sexism evolved with social roles associated with larger gatherings of humans resulting from the advent of agriculture. The march towards a male dominated social structure went fucking full on after the advent of religious ideology. The Inquisition Periods of Papal direction from the late 15th Century up until 1834, were an unsuccessful attempt to convert Jews and Muslims to Catholicism by accusing women of those faiths of hericy. The notion women were more likely to be witches than men...are you fucking kidding me🤡

Rule of law, democracy (with its right to vote regulations), and the proliferation of Christianity with the technological adaptation of the great naval development of the period, allowed for the deterioration of the female roles in social context. It wasn’t a master plan, but it wasn’t planned out either. So much time had passed since we recognized the female importance, we forgot to even recognize its role. Social overcame the acknowledgment of biological. Science was young, and the full discovery didn’t happen until the later portion of the twentieth century. Today, it’s an abomination to even suggest there’s an ounce of acceptance to any legitimacy. 

“We are beyond any debate...equality is the standard, we all must measure ourselves by”

The discussion of equality begins and ends with, what are we as individuals  doing to keep it front and center. It’s not resolved until it’s not able to be identified. The fact I’m compelled to write this confirms the need to do more.  #sexism