That sharp edge of my thirties and forties has faded half way into my fifties. I no longer have mountains to conquer, but valleys to tend. I’m done wrecklessly acquiring stuff, it’s time to chase experiences. Tending to a more personal aspect of living a full life. Feeling my spot in the universe, holding my place in time. This transformation of attitudes just drifts across us as we ripen with the years of experiences. Embracing the moments rather than looking beyond them for more. Connected to the people you hold dearly next to your heart. Sharing as much of your life as humanly possible, leaving the best of yourself upon everyone you touch. Making the world a little better than you found it. 

“...waiting on the day to awaken”

I work on becoming a more compassionate individual. Tolerance through compassion is a better path than the ones of the past. We can do better, and I expect us to do better. My tolerance and compassion are mine to honor and direct, as to not get confused by others suggestions. I alone must choose to be in the presence of every remaining moments of my life. Leave nothing behind to regret not experiencing. 

“...where’s the gentle?”

I’ve promised to try and be less of an ass in the future, that’s pushing me to work on softening up some. For Christ sakes, look at the name on the blog...duh? All kidding aside, just trying to get as much love out life as it can offer me. Maturing is the process of self discovery, the identification for the need for personal growth. No one ever truly arrives at their best self, the capacity to grow continually advances with human discovery all around us. Defining what’s important to you at the different stages of life helps motivate the growth behind change. Therefore...we’re always approaching something 😎

#growing up