“Craft Fair Hell...”

We now know how much the environmental influences affect how the human brain develops. This understanding affords parents with children up to a certain age range the opportunity to greatly enhance their outcomes. It also allows parents of children beyond that range the opportunity to better understand how to approach the remainder of their influences upon their children. Parents with adult children, while we can’t replace what’s already been done, we can adjust our perceptions of how our children align with what we now know. 

“What does all of this mean then...?”

Simply put, we have to begin the shift away from the dogmatic approach to what’s important. Free societies are governed by the present adult population, regardless of the individual capacity to properly select those who serve, and the subsequent laws they form. To achieve a better quality of adult, you start with the child, and that begins at conception, not adolescence. We now understand the importance of providing the proper environment to a child in respect to their adult outcomes. This transcends gender, race, and culture, which are fore the most part, the differences that divide and separate our species. 

“What’s your idea of a utopian society...?”

I asked this question to my 25 year old daughter last week. Her response; “For every child to be afforded the full opportunity to flourish, without regard to their socioeconomic beginning”. 

Up to this point in history, your beginning is the most influential component of your outcome. Socioeconomics provides the environment for early childhood development, and sets the stage for the remainder of a human life. Magnifying this by the static poverty level for five decades in the United States and you see my point. 

Constant poverty in an expanding population is not a sign of progress.

“Dogmatic philosophy has brought us here...”

Shouldn’t we question why this is happening? Well, I did, and this piece starts to address what I can define as social inefficiency. Not enough progress evenly applied across the full spectrum of the social construct. 

“Absent of congenital defects in the brain...all humans brains begin with similar capacity to develop”

Holy Shit, the color of your skin, and the city you were born, and your gender, only influences who you become as an adult, when they rob you of the environment to flourish as a child. We can fucking fix that! Raising the minimum level of acceptable for young children, raises the overall expectations for everyone. It’s that highly correlated to the efforts you place on getting your babies ahead of their birth circumstances. Bringing the community to task for summoning the intervention of the volunteerism of those embedded with responsibility of those around them.

“There’s so much more to offer a human life...”

We must change the way we see ourselves. The way we see others. The way we experience life.