Race is how we show our ignorance! All humans started out from the same place as far as we can tell, and the environmental conditions transformed us into what we call race. This transformation molded us genetically, which in turn defined by preferences, contoured the various cultures, and ultimately influences our behaviors. I guess we’re sort of expanding apart in a way, yet melting together in other aspects. 

70m/sec is what we now believe is the rate of expansion for the universe 

Given the intricate connections within the physical universe, wouldn’t it make sense to somehow apply this same assumption to life? Otherwise, evolutionary effects wouldn’t be present and only a single solitary life form would reign over the universe. 

Immigration and migration are social expansion as well as cultural compression 

Genetically speaking, those who migrated the farthest distance from our origin, to South America, possess more of a specific gene identified in all of us. Contrasting that, those from Far East Asia are found to have the least amount of that same gene. This human expansion story has brought us to who we are today, and will continue to transform us into the future. So, why wouldn’t we use that knowledge to create a better version of that future?