"7 layers of cookie and the peanut butter kicker..."

 (I apologize for double dipping with the photo, but it was only background noise in the last post)

It’s Sunday on the half of the world I’m on, so our culture uses this day in reverence to reflection. Mostly religious spiritual gathering, but also as a gap between weeks. Funny how we give something endless such as time, it’s very own apportionments. Then we soak up, wrench out, and comb over the details attached to that segment of time we’ve broken off from all the rest of time. 

"Johnson’s Corner...giant cinnamon rolls"

Reflection requires language to unlock the true benefits, thus a scrubbing of one’s vocabulary to draw the right words to the surface. Emotion words shade the segments of our divisions, for reconciliation of our memories. Buckets of adjectives line the background behind this story we build. Globes of the past, mushed with spoonfuls of normality we carefully apply to the mix. Give yourself enough room to adjust your focus towards the light of your attention. 

“Where the fuck is the rest of my post Wordpress...?”

The app is working like a gem, so maybe this post is coherent, maybe really fucked up from the dysfunctional app?