Mass shootings are present within today’s culture because of the lack of actions necessary to curb their occurrences. Legislation from where we sit today, won’t affectively reduce this problem without Constitutional like reforms. Then, how do you effectively collect and confiscate the millions of existing firearms? This story contains a super fucked up outcome...(to be continued) 

"Where does drinking mouthwash hit the chart...?"

Our evolutionary path has led humankind to this present destination. Absent of intentional discrimination over currently perceived predjustices or biases. No way, no how could the ancestors from as recently as a couple of centuries ago, predicted today’s social landscape. Hierarchy exists in modern cultures, but not nearly to the exclusion of two hundred years ago. Hierarchy is defined as:




a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority.

This approach to social construct dominated the emergence of every society on earth. Henceforth, where does that leave us today? There’s not enough for every human to live an American lifestyle, and if we don’t start educating ALL humans to this specific detail, there won’t be enough capacity of the planet earth to support all the humans living within its confines. 

"Determine who has the right to live, or exterminate the excesss that don’t deserve to live..."

Who makes these high level decisions...? (Donald Fucking Trump...?) 

Dan Rather speaks to the high levels of intolerance in today’s society, that I attribute mostly to the high levels of individualism running rampant throughout our cultural landscape. Still yet, less than 5% of worlds people in charge of 25% of the wealth. Hierarchy of a single culture across an entire species. Maybe a single common currency (Bitcoin) would possibly soften this social friction within our species? If EVERYONE utilized the exact same instrument of commerce and economic benefits, could the geopolitical element abate... #thoughts