"Beet Nick..."

Now that my favorite holiday is behind me, I can realign my focus on improving myself. Three solid days of indulgence on the most spectacular feasts imaginable, have diverted my intention of getting back on top of my physical self. Eating a more healthy focused diet along with the disciplined approach to physical conditioning. It's important in evolving towards your best self, to realize the role your physical self plays. Your thoughts are greatly influenced by the biological aspects of your body. I mean, you can get by with a flabby overweight canister for a physical support system, but that's never going to be your best.

"What if I don't want to be my best...?"

The world is filled with billions of people living at less than their best self's. I know, because I too am part of that crowd. The time horizon for the perspective of my life has shifted in recent years, to give me a sense of urgency surrounding how I want to spend the remainder of the days I will have. No longer postponing the dreams I've carried throughout my youth, but to realize the quality within each day I'm graced by. "Why is it so important to you to be your best?" Because, the majority of Homo Sapiens are merely getting along, not getting ahead. In order to allow for enough tolerance to free the necessary amount of abundance for all Homo Sapiens to flourish at a minimal level, someone has to set the bar for what that individual looks, and behaves like. Without some sort of template, how could others be inspired to join in the greatest cause of our existence...preserving our species?

"Who the fuck do you think you are...?"

That's just it, I'm simply a case study to show how it all can work for everyone. I'm not sure if there's an advantage/disadvantage to my cultural linkage. Americans often view themselves from a superiority complex perspective, but that's not me. I've studied history enough to recognize, there's no precedent for modeling the average person. We aspire to be the elite, and struggle not to identify as the impoverished. The average is seldom addressed, and never exemplified in terms of contextual modeling. "There's no reality shows about Lifestyle's of the Extraordinarily Average" In order to inspire the majority, shouldn't we point the focus of such efforts towards an achievable outcome?

"Thanksgiving Tamales..."

So, I hope you can find the hope being prompted within the context of my efforts. This isn't about my journey, it's about developing better Homo Sapiens...