"Piled High..."

Matt Lauer was fired away from a $20 million contract, yet there was zero chances of him utilizing all that money to deliver a measurable benefit to humanity. His colleague's were heartbroken over the discovery of his extensive bad behaviors. I wonder if they will pony up some of their exorbitant salaries to offset his misfortune? They don't appear grief stricken this morning, but they are actors of sorts.

My point in all of this is the sheer amount of misplaced resources are used to support an outlet for emotional escapes. Entertainment serves as an alternative to our own individual realities, in that it allows time and space to disengage from consciously surveying the burdens of life. Path of least existence as it were, in that embracing imaginary circumstances, feels so much less anxious than actual circumstances. So much so, the entertainment/sports industry accounts for somewhere in the $3 trillion range on an annual basis. Now imagine a social construct where that capital was utilized to help with social decay. Compound that with the fact American's spend more money than that annually on gambling😳

Priorities are ranked by analyzing necessity compared to discretionary in terms of importance. Now ask just about anyone what their personal priorities are, and the time they spend engaging their entertainment needs are seldom at the top of the list. Vital to frivolous are other words to describe this delineation of priorities. The egocentric power being wielded by these men over their victims is derived from the financial resources being poured into this social vacuum. For decades, the misbehaving was believed to be quarantined to spoiled athletes and shady politicians, Is it so surprising that wherever a human ego is falsely inflated, that power corrupts the morality of its owner?

"Value system distortion by financial influences...not by any perception of right or wrong"ommunity values rise from the members of that community. Knowing the members of your community helps bind those standards. Holding each other accountable through third party entities like government is the modern day methodology. Keeping a perspective on this hierarchy architecture is the responsibility of the individuals, not the elected third party. This is the fracture in this system...

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