Love, appreciation, respect. These are a sampling of the feelings we long for. Pandering for them cheapens their worth, and our position with others. Ignoring their importance to our lives only makes the urge for them swell. Feeling special soothes the abrasions of fear and self doubt. Yesterday, I felt so blessed by all the people I'm so fortunate to help. We had our annual Christmas open house, and many of our clients stopped by to share in the spirit of the day. The gratitude from being such a special part of the lives of such wonderful people, overwhelms my heart. Letting them know how honored I truly am to be a part of their lives seems like the very least I can offer as thanks.

Using the hunger for acceptance and connection to steer your life as a compass for your purpose. Helping others and expressing openly the gratitude for being part of someone's existence, feeding back to the feelings of love, appreciation, and respect. Isn't that the reality of a full meaningful life.

Letting my heart and mind settle to these notions running through me. That's what pleases me deep down. Erasing all the questions about any anxieties pertaining to me, making as much around me better for others, occupies all that space.