My web savvy marketing director daughter suggested I try Square Space for my blogging home. I've not used them previously, but certainly will give them a go. Competition breeds improvement for consumers, oh and that's exactly what all of us represents here. All I'm looking for is a nice place to rest my thoughts upon. I'm not hoping to create a money making endeavor with any of this. It's more therapeutic for me as a place to offload what swirls around inside my head. I simply want the assurance that once I've poured that out, that it doesn't get misplaced by the hosting entity. Especially when it's words I've drawn from deep within my beliefs. You might not recognize it from my writing, but I take great care to choose my words, and how they organize to represent the me in all of this. This past occurrence wasn't an isolated incident, or I might have just blown it off. Let's see how much support these folks at Wordpress can muster. It's on them at this point...