There’s something within all of us, that makes us yearn to be seen as who we hope to portray ourselves as.  We imagine our lives as though we were orchestrating this story of the life inside our dreams. A picture of what could be


Visions of a life surrounded by joy and love. Being present in the lives of the ones we hold dear. Showing them the comfort of mattering to someone. Involvement, not simply a caricature for the role.. Living out the dream of being alive... 



After the lights are gone, and the decorations are stored away, find of yourself the special quality from this enchanting season. Celebrate the day rewarding us with the chance to love. Bundle the holiday charm and use it with every moment...  



So, take your holiday spirit and inject it’s enchantment into each and every day. Life is an accumulation of moments over a period of time defined by your birth, awareness, and death. The joy is extracted using the awakening of your awareness... 



  #joy to the world