People fascinate me with our struggles of just being people. No matter who you are, or more importantly, who you think you are, no one else will ever experience being you. This fucks us up seven ways to Sunday in our quest for some type of validation. The heck with all this notion we are content in that solitude, cuz I’ve seen enough mutherfuckers chewing on their reality to know better. Shit, I don’t go a single day without finding myself tangled up in this trap. The Dalai Lama, the most peaceful human I’ve ever heard of, meditates six hours a day! What does that suggest about the inherent nature of the species with all this cognitive power?

I see these people in my life, who I care for deeply, struggling with their individual ownership of their lives, and I want so badly to release them. Only to remind myself, they are probably seeing my struggle from their personal lens. Entanglement within the paradigm of trying to understand why we exist and what that means to each of us has been present in humans since the earliest moments of our ability to express our thoughts. Imagine a world where we kept all that bullshit locked up inside our minds, or is that how all the other mammals live out their lives?

We are compelled much more by what we feel than what we think. Thoughts spark emotions to attain a responsive behavior, not the other way around. Social complexity has outstripped the beneficial functionality of that paradigm. Lifting our line of sight above the mess of emotional entanglement is the struggle, because it feels right to give in to the comfort of not challenging our feelings. We’ve known them all our lives. Imagining what liberation lies beyond the boundaries of our feelings is what we did to cope with childhood.

Together…isolated within our own individual realities. Everyone has the same range of experiences, and sharing how that makes us feel helps unify us. Ideology happens when that unification goes too far in a planned direction. For fucks sake, the Dead Sea Scrolls were written by cult like extremists. Look at what’s evolved from that unification of feelings! When do we recognize the enemy is within each and every one of us as this entrapment as emotional hostages, not the concept of evil to allow for the notion of divinity. Compassion unlocks that prison of fear and anxiety. Empathy maintains the covenants of that resulting freedom.

Navigating our our lives from reflective contemplation and forward imagination to produce a desired now. Cognitive deliberation versus emotional responsiveness are the steering mechanisms. Choosing between them versus grasping for the most available option. This is what oversees the output of human behavior. Assuming everyone is equally equipped to distinguish their choices is the biggest fallacy of our understanding as a species. Giant fucking wrong assumption! That kind of equality is as mythical as goddamned dragon.




Now, where was I at? Oh…making people more aware and less afraid is a good thing! Studies show people are much happier when they’re not terrified of fucking everything they don’t understand. Hmmm…you mean if you grow as a person you won’t be so fucked up? Yeah, being old and incredibly ignorant is a real thing. Just as being poor and never attaining the capacity to grow is a biological problem that is a byproduct of social inequality, not racism, nationalism, or Judaism.

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