words offer hope

hope fills dreams

dreams pacify spirits

spirits soothes hearts

hearts weigh life

life spins cycles

and so on... 




   “...charcuterie board”



 “...Sunday, Bloody Sunday.



The very best we are is when we meet life on our terms. The great compromise lies in the reality that the universe only occasionally aligns with what we want, the rest of the time we are called to adapt. It’s acceptance of this dynamic where peace flourishes. That sense of contentment is often referred to as happiness. Words are the tools for expressing this existence, and sewing together a story representing our place within this ultimate spectrum is the reality of living. Many things can alter how we feel, but nothing can define who we are except the capacity to express that story. 


  “Doing the Right Thing...” 


Hidden within every decision we make exists the best choice. It’s not always  Right or Wrong , but far too often it’s simply a measure of the best of what’s right, or the worst of what’s wrong. Most of the time the consequences of this decision don’t represent immediate benefits or peril. The fact that very little appears to be on the line for a particular everyday decision feeds complacency in the identification of what’s truly critical and what’s not. It’s the aggregate of thousands of apparently sanguine decisions for which we arrive at shocked and astounded. 



   “...Flounder Cocktail”



   “...purple hull peas & fresh bacon”



Living a full life requires awareness of ones existence. Joy doesn’t wear a sign for our convenience. Happiness is an unmarked path, not the destination at its end. The cycle of complacency steers our focus away from our ability to be present and aware. What lives outside this very moment only pales to the prevalence of now. Stop living off of rumors of what if, and take your shot at seeing the universe around you. It’s oh so temporary in context to its vast total. The only true understanding you’ll ever know is the one you build with your reality...