The average human only requires around 90 watts of energy per day to sustain life. The life that supports though in an average developed society requires an average of 11,000 watts of energy per day for everything else surrounding just sustaining life. If you multiply that by the number of people living on the planet, you quickly face the harsh reality, that not everyone can have this level of existence. Tyranny, oppression, slavery, religion, monarchy, and communism have decided the have's and have nots to this point in time. Who will be the deciders of the future, where exponentially more lives are involved in this dilemma? For the last 500 years, innovations have staved off the issues at hand here, by creating solutions to overcome the accumulated problems without addressing the social problems inherently attached to our species. Burning carbon is killing our planet, and contaminating the earth’s fresh water faster than it can naturally be filtered is another crisis for our species to resolve. The only problem is we don’t really see these phenomena as crises. We’re more consumed by the emotional issues surrounding human rights and freedoms, than the reality of the planets decay. Consciousness is a tricky little bitch, we’re aware, yet afraid. So much so, we neglect the very source of life for all the ancillary extrapolations not supporting life, but pampering the delusions of comfort.