offset or compare the value of (one thing) with another.


The only reason it’s possible for life to exist on earth or anywhere else is the delicate balance of the essential elements for sustaining life. All life forms we’re aware of live within the confines of some type of balanced lifestyle between their individual existence and the propagation of their species. Homo Sapiens struggle mightily with this essential dynamic. We tend to confuse our will to survive with this notion of free will. Possessing the capacity to choose doesn’t relieve us from maintaining this balance. The human balancing act falls along the line between capturing as many moments as possible, and putting them off because time feels so damned abundant to us. Tomorrow only exists to measure the value of today. Filling ones life with stories of true meaning far outweighs the accumulation of stuff to numb the regret that comes with watching life tick away. 


This paradigm of balance delivers humanity a grand dilemma though. If we don’t prove we’re intelligent enough to stop our own extinction, none of this will matter. The social issues befalling the species atop all others on this planet, will ultimately spell the collapse of the essential elements necessary for our existence. How you feel about your life won’t replace the devastating effects brought about by our ill fated ignorance to the larger problems. “Hot, Flat, and Crowded” is the title to Thomas Friedman’s 2008 cry to anyone who cared to read it for recognizing the forces at work, and the stakes of ignoring them. Now, a decade later we face an even more expanded set of circumstances with little to no improvement. Some 68 million humans migrated last year away from the political strife besieging their homelands. Scientists continue to fumble around without much success at creating functional nuclear fusion to relieve the climate deterioration, yet nothing is being derived to tackle the social struggles facing humanity. A standard of care for children beyond infancy, to allow the development of more adults with the full range of cognitive capacity necessary to embrace a truly connected species. The expansion of the inequalities that have plagued humanity from the dawn of civilization are destined to doom our existence, if we don’t adjust the perspectives of more individuals. All the while, technological advancements are continually delivering increasingly more access to consumption of emotionally charged and intellectually numbing cognitive rubbage. No wonder given the emotional conductivity the average person represents. 


The problems are complex, and the solution isn’t an instant fix. We need a better generation established and cultivated to provide subsequent replication for all the future generations. Humans not so distorted by the affects of culture and ideology, that the species is the focus. Gender, race, and discrimination fall to the wayside in lieu of greater good for everyone. Not just the lucky ones born into beneficial circumstantial advantages. Giving everyone a chance to flourish, and accepting the limits on our species and our impact on that delicate balance that allows us to exist in the first place. Free from anxiety about our differences, and centered around the commonality of what we all share. The distortion from our past won’t light the way. This vision requires a totally uniquely different set of lenses. Prying people away from their comfort provided by centuries of ill informed complacency is the challenge we all must face.  Subduing the natural tendencies of procreation absent of how to provide for the unregulated selection of who has children.  (imagine the political shit show associated with that)  



Any attempt at leveling outcomes is and always will be an exercise in futility. There are too many complex components involved in the sequence of events contributing to any outcome. Individual effort can only be measured by capacity to perform. Trying hard with little to no success falls on the participants. The only person that can verify or dispute your best effort is yourself. Physical and cognitive constraints between individuals differentiates outcomes greatly. Equality doesn’t truly exist in this realm. Flourishing as an individual though, can be levelized in the sense that, everyone can do their best to live their best without fear or anxiety of being judged for any shortcomings. We also should express more restraint in glorifying the perception of success. Athletes achieve great accomplishment from a very narrow perspective, yet nearly all fail to contribute to meaningful social or cultural enriching. 


It it would appear as though I’ve stumbled upon a subject worthy of much more deliberation and scrutiny. I’ve grown weary of publishing content simply to amuse the fancy of people I’m not acutely connected with. Let’s just see where this vein runs to😎