“...simple things”


Pride is a blessing and a demon all at the same time. Where to place its grace, and knowing when it’s better swallowed. Ah, the dance we step to avoid the notion of embarrassment. Confused with honor, we make a mess of everything around us. Mistaken for respect, we acknowledge the meaningless. Properly displayed, it galvianizes the masses in a unified purpose. In its absence, insecurity takes the stage. 


  “...bursting from within” 



Rewards for the efforts we make swell us with the sense of accomplishment. Checkpoints for the tireless work put into the beliefs we hold dear. Laying the foundation for the life of your children, and seeing them build themselves to a person you’re proud to know.  


  “...believing in hope” 


Accepting the obvious takes only a fools perspective. Believing in the idea of a better tomorrow requires courage, sprinkled with optimism and hope. Today arrived from the optimistic visions of someone else’s today. It wasn’t planned out to happen over hundreds of thousands of years to a specific target. Life just evolves to sustain itself. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less.