Anyone who’s actually read anything I’ve shared via a blog post, or a personal conversation, knows my scrutiny of prevailing perspectives as well as the distorted analysis people use to support them. I subscribe to the idea anthropologist suggest 75% of all human conversation is simply gossip. This suggests that 75% of accepted perspectives align with this same assumption. Scientific research can enlighten our understanding, yet even the most advanced understanding meets the same shadow of doubt scrutiny for acceptance because of this gossip driven human disposition. Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman proposed this same falicy for researchers rushing to prove a point, rather than accepting the unknown results of properly constructed sampling for accurate reflection of an experiment. So, scientists and layman alike take liberties with rule of thumb assumptions for supporting their specific agenda’s. Knowing that, wouldn’t that cast some doubt across everything widely publicized, or accepted as facts and assumed as truth? 

  “This is where the tipping point is reached...” 

Let’s zoom in on examples of how this is affecting the world around us. The United States, since it’s the cultural architecture I live in, containing some 330ish million people (4.4% of everyone) creates the majority of the entire planets innovations. 


     “2016 patent applications...”     

   “2016 patent applications...”


Most Americans believe that their country is the greatest of them all, but as far as creating new things to enhance the lives of everyone, we are far from alone in that respect. 😳