“Utah from 30,000 feet...”


Transformation in the form of incrimental improvement of my perspective on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Overcoming the natural human defaults of anger, judgment, and anxiety of everything outside of our singular consciousness. We bask in the cool comforts of complacency, viewing the struggle of life as a burden. Opportunity = Hope, Complacency denies opportunity and boils up ultimately in despair. Anxiety is derived from the lack of predictability and sticks so tightly to our awareness with the support of anger and judgment.  



   “...grilled artichoke”

If you believe that doing something will help you to become a better person, and you are able to do it, and you’re willing to do it. Fucking Do It!!!! The world is awash with people stuck rationalizing their complacency with bullshit justification for the ocean of anxiety they see around them. Is it an accident those capable of rationing gratification and accepting struggle are more well rounded than those who succumb to their impulses and avoid dealing with struggle and sacrifice. All of these are choices we all can make to see ourselves in a different light. 



  “Rooftop Bloody Mary...” 

No one should ever feel helpless and alone in their everyday life. The barriers you perceive preventing you from flourishing are adjustable with your perspective. Hope is simply a matter of looking up towards life. Chaos exists in the absence of order, and you control the switch. Inspiring yourself so you can then inspire others. Do your best to be your best, whatever that is.