“If it’s in your best interest...and, you’re capable of doing something, why not?”


As I conclude my latest read (“On Killing”) I’m enlightened to certain aspects of our social structure that are quite alarming, to say the least. I know what you’re thinking, this asshole is nothing but an alarmist, when it comes to identifying fucked up shit about the human condition.  True, I am a student of the human condition and all it’s behavioral nuances, but only to the extent that it flows within my optimism to create beneficial change for improvement of  life for a greater number of individuals. These articles I write are not to promote myself of an agenda beneficial mostly to me. Casting the bright light of awareness across as many people as possible is the cause behind the diatribe presented. 


Ret. Let. Col. Dave Grossman brings to the forefront the psychological tactics behind training and conditioning humans to kill one another in the combat of warfare (killology) then connects the path to killing on a social level amongst our citizens. Identifying and understanding the linkage between the proven conditioning techniques of the military in raising firing rates within its combatants, and the Sublimation of violence with children being exposed to the social conditioning within their entertainment content is alarming as well as disturbing. Searching for reasonable “resensitization” approach’s to altering this unwanted phenomenon is where the world stands at present. The first challenge to overcome is acknowledging the credibility of the evidence to support this claim. 


The affect of the level of desensitizing violence exposure on the children of our country is without precedent in modern history. Over two hundred independent studies have been conducted in the past three decades alone concluding that the influence on society can be seen in the occurrences of violence around us today. Medical and Psychology researchers have zero incentive to skew these results for other non connected gains, so there is credibility to their assumptions. Secondly, the entertainment enterprises have a very specific financial benefit for disputing these assumptions absent of any scientific evidence to support their claims. Grossman points to all of these contradictions of affect and behaviors in his book. Firing rates were increased from 15% - 20% in WWII, to 90% - 95% in Vietnam from the use of better desensitization conditioning techniques. That’s what video games depicting realistic violence, and movies and television shows with graphic violence do to children, that experience prolonged exposure to these mediums. Although this is a piece of an extremely complex social puzzle, it's far from the smoking gun that can bring us to a discussion for detailed improvement. As you know, I've outlined several of the other components to the problems plaguing the United States, and they still only scratch the surface of what much of the world's people face in their ongoing struggles. Most of these struggles are due to the lack of tolerance and education of a broader base and quality. Once an individual realizes the capacity to determine their understanding on their own terms, they generally acknowledge the path of sympathy, empathy, and compassion to other human beings.