Travel can be a bitch on ones sleep cycle. Basically the first 24 hours are devoted to the journey and recovery from said journey. 8 hours was the longest leg, but it’s difficult to attain any level of quality sleep during a flight. Tonight, I’ve somewhat recovered my sleep, but woke up at 12:30 a.m. local time wide assed awake. My mind and body think it’s still early evening, just like when I’m home. I just basically took a fucking nap! 



So, I’ve decided to optimize my restless bed time by doing a little writing. Not the kind where I post pictures of food, and discuss my observations of our species behavior. No, this time I bring the matters that mean something to me in a profoundly human way. Maybe it’s the exposure to a different culture and the people going about their lives as I travel about the world at large because I of all people have the opportunity and capacity to do so. Wondering why me of all people to have such an opportunity seems wasted if I don’t share my thoughts with anyone else. Combined with a recently completed continuing education course on dealing with ethical dilemmas with my work, a light of personal inquiry has gone off within me. Tie that to the fact I’m wide the fuck awake in the middle of the goddamnned night, well my mind needs something to do.  


1:41 the next afternoon, I’m up again. Now the battle to synchronize my sleep cycle shifts to the other end of the spectrum. I did bring a sleepy pill to knock my ass out at a reasonable hour tonight. Nothing to miss by crashing at the time I should fall asleep, given all the shops close at 6:00, and all of the television channels are in French.  


Finally, it’s 8:30a.m. and I’m waking to the day at the proper aspect of my sleep cycle! We had a delightful afternoon seeing the history of Avignon yesterday afternoon. Stay tuned for some photos of the sights we encountered.