Today marks the 243rd anniversary of a Declaration of Independence from the oppressive governance of the British Empire. Great Britain laid claim to the people and resources of the eastern portion of the North American continent following nearly a century of colonialism from all the European Imperialism after Columbus discovery. Appreciation seems insufficient for describing my personal gratitude for what that day, and the subsequent 243 years mean to me. I have been afforded hope and opportunity beyond anything I can comprehend for simply being born into a society that allows me the freedom of that hope. My life could be completely different under minuscule circumstances.

Unfortunately, that opportunity doesn’t translate to every member of our species. That’s what draws me to express my understanding of why that is the way it shakes out nearly two and a half centuries after the epic declaration of previous members of that very same species. As it turns out, today’s understanding of everything around us exponentially exceeds the accepted truths of 1776. That’s not a small reality for this discussion. There’s almost no culture of our species that doesn’t carry some emotional attachment to its heritage and past history. Let’s identify such entanglement as being human. Any objections to this statement confirm your lack of awareness and understanding of the world of 2019. There is a beneficial aspect of the weight of our past. It offers a tremendous source of learning if properly framed within the context of how we position its recall. Bad memories would be an obvious example of that context. Desensitization and dismissal are vital for thwarting off their adverse affects on our consciousness. Warm loving memories are worthy of reflection to re-enforce our desires to create more of them, but fail miserably to represent all the warm loving experiences we will require over a lifetime.

Caring is is fundamental to socially connecting into groups of the same species. Inherently all the more evolved species exist to some extent within a named grouping of their species. Every step of this evolutionary ascension builds more and more desire to seize some measure of control for the individual group and society in general. After hundreds of thousands of years encompassing only slightly less numbers of generations of this aforementioned ancestry, July 4th 1776 happened for an extremely small percentage of our species. The idea of a humans rights as an individual were being lifted to their highest point in history.

Today, 7.7 billion homo sapiens inhabit the same planet in the same orbit around the same star in the exact same solar system of the Milky Way galaxy of the universe, that’s hardly a heartbeat older than our forefathers made their declaration in. How many hundreds of millions of us have died in defense of our freedom or the conquest for control of its lustrous desires since that declared independence. What would it take to offer the benefit of the few to more humans without destroying the fabric of our existence.

There’s something very fundamentally flawed with the general perception of the complexity of our world today. Biologically we all take off from the same division of that fertilized egg, but the next couple of decades mostly forge our outcome. If the average life expectancy in the self proclaimed greatest nation is 85 years of age, and our capacity to understand is cast within the first 25 years, what happens for 29% of our lifespan dictates the story for the following 71%. ALL of humanities social issues are self inflicted and influenced. The few who do understand for the most part don’t recognize the problem because they assume everyone else views the same circumstances from their perspective. Unknowing the majority of those around them lack the capacity to fully understand their own opportunity.