I’m sure anyone pausing to read this believe their life matters to someone other than themselves. A parent, sibling, spouse, partner, or friend would be hurt to discover your death unexpectedly. I’m unable to identify any culture where life doesn’t represent some measure of value, even if there’s no outward signs as in Nations controlled by tyrannical dictators. Even North Fucking Korea must have live bodies to support its fucked up shit. Humanity, regardless of how high or low the priority is for the exact value, must foster the existence of our species. What I’m simply stating are indisputable realities about the inexplicable basis for maintaining our presence into the future. No one is born with the explicit purpose of being murdered by another human. The notion that any child is born just for that sole purpose is preposterous. 



Now now that we’ve established a baseline for assessment of how to value all human life, now let’s work on voluntary and intentional termination of human lives.  The reality of the measurements of all the ways human life ends in the United States, violence ranks in the bottom quartile for all occurrences as documented by the CDC. Considering there’s little hope to reduce that number to zero, the focus of resources on preventing murder is relatively high considering its low rate of occurrence. Now before you get all twisted about this commentary, I’m writing this in response to yet another mass shooting. I wa hoping to find all this evidence of the out of control atrocity of murder and gun violence. I will never support this fucked uP disposition of ignoring a social tragedy like we do. Gun violence and the correlation between gun numbers can’t be separated by any rationale. But, let’s measure the problem to the resources directed towards its deterrence and identify the progress of the efforts and their effectiveness. I can’t find a single media report making this assessment. I’m not a journalist, and certainly not a researcher nor expert on the subject. I’m simply approaching this from a rational perspective. 




These are some numbers I found by Google search. Let’s extrapolate the relative perspectives now. If you measure (law enforcement/US GDP = .5%) of our total economic capacity is directly focused on all law enforcement. That doesn’t breakout the specific amount deducted for just murder, but the entire concept of law enforcement is highly associated with protection of citizens from other citizens, right? If you ranked the fears of citizens across all potential crimes, murder would outweigh theft of property, traffic violations, and anything else for a reasonable person. So, let’s apply all resources directed towards law enforcement to make this point. Now, in your own personal situation identify the things you utilize.5% of your budget for, then tell me how they rank in your life. It would seem to me all the noise about gun violence, mass shootings, and murder in general is only lip service. Important beliefs require full attention and support, right? In NO WAY am I suggesting in any way, form, or fashion that this is anything other than a social problem! Until the vast majority of ALL of us demand better, we will NEVER have better! I realize the percentage of anyone ever actually reading this is so minuscule relative to the problem, but it’s my place for developing, bettering, accepting my understanding of large scale social dilemmas, and dreaming of a REAL solution, not just bitching. 


  #gun violence