Second time's a charm! I started this post a while ago, only to lose its content from a safari glitch and having to force quit. My thoughts this morning surround the outrage from the recent commentary from the real estate tycoon/reality television personality pretending to be the Commander in Chief. Liberals are incensed by his racist words, while Conservatives look like a cat covering up shit in a litter box trying to make up excuses or flat out deny the existence of what he said. What I see are people siding with whatever ideological values they've aligned with in order to feel a sense of belonging. They personalize words according to their belief's, thus feeling personal offense or defense as though the words were directed specifically at or in defense of them. Emotional prisoners from both sides face off in this ideological standoff, where no one actually wins, and progress is secondary to the claim of being right. Unshackling the chains of emotional enslavement requires a better understanding of what emotions are and what they aren't, as well as how they actually function within the human body. Take a look at this TedTalk on that subject from of the world's leading experts on the study of emotions and how they actually work within the human brain, including yours.


Earlier, while scribing the original version of this post I was casually listening to Face the Nation. Surprisingly, today's topic was the aforementioned subject with interviews with Tom Cotton (R: AR, who Ive met yet never voted for) and Joe Manchin (D: WV). Cotton sounded like he would eat a mile of presidential shit just to be recognized as part of whatever that bunch is trying to accomplish, while Manchin loosely condemned those words, but suggested immigration should be better organized. Who the fuck is working on actual solutions to the actual problems that exist in the world today? 

"What is a better solution to this partisan dilemma...?"

Let's think about the Democratic process and how it requires our individual participation. If you don't vote every time the polls are open, then you're letting the system down. It's not only your right to cast your vote, but your responsibility to show the fuck up on election day. That being said, understanding the issues and how the candidates can bring solutions is the key to your participation. If you don't perform your due diligence on whats at stake and how all the candidates address the solutions to the current problems, what the fuck are you voting for. We don't need more useless babysitters of the Constitution, that only posture against the other party. Take some time to familiarize yourself with how Federal, State, and Local governments function. This is vital to assessing the promises/lies of the candidates. Once you arm yourself with the proper tools to cast an educated voice, assess each incumbent on their past performance. If you can't identify any evidence that supports the campaign promises made by them, vote for someone else immediately, not for anyone simply because they belong to a particular party, that you used to emotional align with. Don't we owe it to the promise of change?


Identify within yourself a better understanding of your emotional biases. Unshackling the chains of emotional enslavement requires educating yourself to the reality about how this impulsive component of your behavior affects the rest of your world. Next, apply that new perspective to everything around you, especially your participation in your community, state, and country. The only hope of realizing a better future lies in the hearts and minds of the individuals that make of our world, and not the few who on confuse the issues, and deliver only broken promises.