Things are anticipated for what we hope them to be, then upon more intricate scrutiny we discover the false indications our excitement overlooked. Life is built around certain forms of deception, as some species require such to maintain their existence, while humans have mastered the art to manipulate others within ours.  The story of Homo sapiens ascennsion to the top of the animal kingdom is nothing new, but calling out Joe’s Crab Shack for insinuating that pile of tortilla chips covered with nacho like toppings was actually “Crab Nachos” is. There was a glob of Crab flavored cream cheese buried within, but not quite enough evidence to support a menu suggestion. Shouldn't there be some level of legitimacy in what organizations say in their advertising? Life boils down to those who add value and solve problems or enhance the lives for others, and those who spew bullshit creating the manipulation of others. Help you/Fuck you!