It’s -1* outside...feels like -17* 


Well, it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, so it can get cold. While I’m not a fan of extreme cold, what the fuck are you going to do about the weather. As this type of temperature sets in, I leave my just in case gear in the car for emergency situations. Heavy duty down coat with attic hood, gortex gloves, micro fleece face mask. The last thing you want is to die from hypothermia after some unfortunate event. I’ll stop and fill the fuel tank on the way to work.  


Being prepared for life is essential to prospering in all of its complexity. Building a strategic direction for your day that doesn’t involve wishing, hoping, or praying for some extra luck in your favor isn’t such a bad idea. You don’t need to go hyper obsessive and map out every seconds worth of detail, but budgeting some mindspace to account for the overall structure will help the outcomes of most days.  


This is not not where I come to give people self help advice, for fucks sake, I’m still trying to figure out my own shit. I do propose to share observations and understandings I’ve compiled though. The original idea was more about the notion people use to interpret the intentions of others. It coincided with the phrase I hear quite often, whenever people are describing their interpretations. “It feels like” resonates through many of the conversations I’m involved in, as well as the made up ones you hear on television. With the proliferation of talk shows, reality shows, and expert panels, you don’t have to consume too much entertainment to be hit with this phrase.  


What was the buzz phrase before this one became so sheik and trendy? Finding the calm beyond the haze of one’s emotions, creates the space to suggest the widespread use of an emotionally identifying phrase, supporting the notion of emotional over dependency among a broad segment of the population. Anecdotal evidence is far from research based proof, but if you clean the useless shit from your focus, you begin to see and hear so much of what surrounds your life.   


Next chance you get to idly listen to random conversations, secretly count the number of times you hear this phrase. Maybe awesome and amazing come up a few hundred times too... 


#feels like