Yesterday we gathered with our group of friends that we hangout with. They are all lovely wonderful human beings, that we care deeply about. We drank wine we had all purchased from this past May’s wine tasting, and ate food pot-lucked together by each couple, and swam in the hosts backyard pool. Birthdays were acknowledged, celebrated, and rejoiced. Social connectivity is the Mother’s milk of life. Within our group, I’m the common thread binding the couples to this particular set of friends. I knew them all separately, and introduced the couples to one another via these types of gatherings. There is considerable overlap of preferences and interests, so the conversations tend to gravitate around that general subject matter. That's until enough wine is consumed to peel the top off of the prohibited subject matter, such as political, social, and humanity issues. It's not that they are taboo by any stretch of the imagination, but rather I tend to exert my understanding of these things from the perspective of my constant quest for knowledge and understanding. The others are very typical Americans with a media and gossip substantiation of the world at hand. None of them are well traveled in the global sense of the term, and live vicariously through our adventures abroad. All are tech interested, but not what you would consider fluent in the up to date utilization and capacity offered with the latest advances. Everyone is generally socially liberal, with a fiscal conservatism to support their upper middle class status. I would be willing to suggest the number books read collectively between the other members of this posse wouldn't even register against the number i've read this year alone. With all of that as the foundation for this post, I come here with the question of how to subtly influence my friends to become more aware of the world for what and how it is today, so that the topics of changing things for the better can get off the ground in a meaningful way. This paradigm is the crux of what I view as the root of why humanity isn't fixing the problems we all know to exist with our species. If you can't have deep meaningful conversations with the people you connect to and care about, without striking a barrier in perception, how can we ever hope to overcome the dogmatic circumstances holding the human race in a world of haves and have nots. My concern with all of this is not lack of validation for my perspective to stroke my sense of ego, of to gain recognition to exploit for financial benefit. I truly want everyone to have a legitimate chance at flourishing in a life filled with joy and satisfaction the way my life has evolved. If I had my way, I would give everyone the shortcut to achieving this absence of the struggle and emotional suffering that typical accompanies that journey. None of these beautiful people I call friends started life with an aristocratic beginning , nor did they launch their successes from obscure poverty. We all share so much in the respect, it just seems to be a waste not to mold that into a message for others to benefit from. I fear that without my guidance and encouragement, the deep conversations about what is missing in the lives of the less fortunate and how to redirect the resources obtainable to work with won't come to pass. If we can't identify problems and converse about solutions even within the groups of individuals that hold each other dear, how in the fuck can we ever hope to have a world where everyone gets a chance? 


Building community within the architecture of our individual social structures is the modern day village. Economy of scale has clustered us into large metropolitan places for efficiency of sustainability for our basic existence, yet the transformation of connectivity has evolved less than our lifestyle has. Americans exemplify this concept in how we modernize around the rise of capital in a specific geography, then we gravitate into clusters of socioeconomic tranches. Because of our nature to migrate from one place to another at the drop of a hat, we don't maintain that deeply rooted sense of community, with the exception of a few outliers. Left unchecked, this won't somehow correct itself. Here is where we insert the concerned citizens at this point in the process, and work on connecting and advancing the members of our community currently disenfranchised by a pace of life, they can't quite keep up with. This is where we encourage and foster the neighborhoods and counties to lift each other up. 


"know your family...


  ..know your neighbor"


These immediate social bonds are far more important than just creating a platform for celebration. When properly established, they form the foundation for lifting up those who struggle, and distribute actual knowledge and understanding to everyone in the group. Once propagated, this network allows for the conversations to deepen to the level where actual important issues are discussed and ultimately resolved. Then the gossip of one group in turn becomes beneficial knowledge to other groups, and inspires them rather than infuriating and distancing them. All this becomes is reverse engineering the social structure from previously utilized aspects into a modern technologically advanced society, capable of delivering so much more value to each individual member than is currently present today. If you identify the best aspects of each individual era of human advancements, then extract all the relevant good, pour that into a preverbial mixing bowl and thoroughly blend. You retain the best aspects of culture, create better new cultural fusions, and give everyone a chance to flourish. Obviously, this won’t happen absent of a inspiring catalyst of some sort. Seemingly no one is willing to expend the effort to devise this catalyst for a variety of reasons, the least being its cumbersome on our personal time we utilize fucking off in front of the television. Mostly, it’s because the types of people, that could draft such a grand plan would want to make money from it, and the politicians are far too busy sniffing the asses of their next campaign contributions, or far too fucking ignorant to calculate what it would take to achieve such a masterful concept. It takes people not interested in being Warren Buffett rich in their dreams, and motivated enough to actually care about the state of the world their children and grandchildren will endure once they’re gone. Individuals caring enough, yet resistant to fame and fortune. Folks, who have discovered enough emotional control, that they can think clearly without the need to feel their way through. 

As with any group of people, who grow to care about one another and respect each other’s talents as well as shortcomings, attention is given to the individuals prolific in certain arenas or topics. Professionals expect to be nudged for some free insight from their friends and relatives. It’s very natural for people to gravitate towards the smartest person in the room. This delineation also helps mold a social order consistent with ones range of awareness. Whenever those with the favored understanding reach down to lift up the ones with the least fortunate situation, everyone is participating in the greater good. Highly connected groups are so much better off in terms of decimanating ideas and awareness throughout their ranks. The key is convincing people, who have no financial benefits for being a part of this philosophy to embrace and participate on their own volition. It’s my belief that this inherent compassion is very much a part of our nature, and by creating villages of connections within the efficient architecture of the metropolitan landscape, we can tap into this nature by mixing people rather than segregating them via socioeconomics. There needs to be an identified commonality to shift the focus onto as an attraction of sorts. Events such as football games, or music festivals and the likes are examples of such shared focus. Entertainment provides the types of attention grabbing power that could very well be channeled into a helping and healing platform, rather than simply an escape from reality. Unfortunately, under the present circumstances the people involved in creating and providing this aspect of our lives could give a shit less about actually improving the lives of everyone. They sit atop of that aforementioned pile of money looking around for more. None of these entertainers or athletes are driving the message for a better tomorrow with their time or wealth. They’re too busy getting their ego’s stroked with notariaty and cash to dedicate sufficient efforts and resources to creating change. That in and of itself tells the story of why we need this shift. Spending excess time so remotely distracted from a firm reality binging on entertainment rather than connecting to our fellow members of our communities. How do we know this you ask. Look at the insane amount of time and money spent in this aspect of life versus helping others around us.