So, are we going to fight fire with fire and require educators to brandish weapons as a solution to school shootings? Maybe a society founded on the premise that arms are the answer has reached critical mass, and that shootings are simply part of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Of course, those individuals calling for reform appeared far from happy in yesterday’s meetings. There’s never a large group of joyous citizens celebrating at any of these shooting incidents. As a matter of fact, most of the first responders to the Orlando massacre have left the force with severe PTSD from their experiences. Is there any scientific evidence that suggests adding additional weapons to a potential shooting will reduce the number of occurrences? What happens when the deranged shift their attention to other targets, like large public gatherings? Law enforcement simply doesn’t work in criminal prevention as evidence of the drug trade, human trafficking, and organized crime prevalent across our great nation. Never has, never will. To that extent, there’s never been a single decade absent of criminal activity in the entire history of this great nation. We must be doing something right, huh? 


The one one thing we do know is that allowing citizens to purchase, own, and possess firearms without better scrutiny of who those people are will only yield more of the same. No amount of rhetorical bullshit from any special interest group such as the NRA,

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms


Second amendment foundation

...just to name a few! I’m certain these individuals behind these organizations are working with the best intentions of protecting this great republic we all live in, yet I’m not certain it’s under the proposed duress they suggest.  In order to make a legitimate analysis of any proposed outcome, you need evidence of previous occurrences to contrast and compare. In the case of the United States we only have a single set of circumstances. Shit ton of firearms equals a proportionate amount of murder. Pretty fucking simple to me. I suspect the focus on these details will come about after we cross that threshold for the planet becoming uninhabitable from human excesses. It’s just easier for our species to accept such responsibilities after we realize there’s nothing we can do to fix them.  Once we realize everyone’s fucked, owning guns will lose its present day luster. Immediacy is a muthafucka😉



   “If you can’t properly park it...do you really need a giant truck?”



   “Beer makes life better...”



   “Food settles the spirit...”