Sunday mornings are my time for reflection and assessing the world and my place within it. This is the opportunity for me to evaluate the news and information from the previous week, and address how I might use that awareness to benefit the upcoming week. Scaling is the newest topic for current consideration, as I've opened up another Audible selection on my phone. The idea of a correlation between everything around us in the universe is pretty intriguing to my sense of wonder. Embracing the amazing discovery attained by fellow members of our species is in part a sort of validation for being at this particular place and time. Being able to share in the fascinating accomplishments of those with a passion for answering the question why. 


The Olympic Games are in full swing, and the media coverage is rampant. The spirit behind such an undertaking is with good intentions, even if the message fails to breakthrough the barriers of human constraints. Athletic Nationalism shines brightly as the medal count is spotlighted to rally behind the various flags. The resulting cultural divergence from common ancestry over long periods of time and environmental influences, represent these nationalists perspectives. Nonviolent competition is so much better than any military assessment of status.


If you haven’t seen the documentary “Life in 12 Bars” about the life of Eric Clapton, you should at the very least consider doing so. Whether you’re a fan of his music or not, the story behind the man many refer to as “Slow Hand” is filled with tragedy and immense suffering at a level most of us want to believe we somehow relate to. For me it re-enforces the idea, that any comparison I make with myself, can only have meaning if I use my future or past self as a benchmark. Everyone struggles to some extent, and the degree in which we suffer directly relates to the specific circumstances surrounding each of our individual lives. Overcoming whatever past you’ve been exposed to is vital to growing into whatever future self you are capable of becoming. Becoming fixated on where you’ve been clouds the vision for where you want to go. We are so much stronger than we ever realize, and much more fragile within that pain from obsessively remembering. Clapton’s life is a testament to the weaknesses of the self, and the strength from within. 


Very little seems to change with regard to this social perception of what is...and, what should never be. I find most people are entrenched within what they see as their benefits in respect to whatever belief system rattles around inside their frantic minds. We are pushing on a bill in Congress that circumvents existing state Conceal and Carry laws with a sort of Federal pass allowing anyone with their residents state permit to lawfully take their concealed weapon to any other state. The premise is those citizens have the right to protect themselves, and any other suggestions that don’t align with their home states are invasive and unconstitutional😳