The world is a far different place to endure today than it was just a decade ago. Especially for anyone dealing with the type of depression that pushes them beyond a brink of no return. I didn’t know Mr. Bourdain, but I did connect with his sense of humanity and the affects of food and culture on our species. Everyone has their demons, and his were powerful enough to need expression of the kind revealed in his work, and ultimately in his death. Trying to make sense of the details to a story such as this are fruitless, in that we can only effectively control a single reality. His departure from life is no worse than any other sad situation ended by the taking of ones own life. Bourdain stood out because of his notariety as a writer and television personality. We all possessed that momentary opportunity to believe we could be him, or very much like him. I can’t count the places I’ve been and the meals that I’ve eaten because of seeing him on his show there. My life is emensely broader having his intervention into my understanding of life itself. 

 “"When I first went up this river, I was sick with love. The bad kind. The fist-around-your-heart kind…. it followed me upriver, all the way." -Bourdain-


Hopefully his daughter can someday find the capacity to realize his life meant more than what she could ever realize at 11, and that her life should be inspired by his contributions, not diminished by its tragic end. Extraction of what’s beneficial while rejecting the detrimental simultaneously is this magnificent lesson called life. We all face this dilemma and must come to terms with it on our own, or face the burden of carrying that weight around with our every thought. Peace can be a lonely place, and requires our constant replenishment for stability, while anguish and suffering simply fill the void of its absence.