Residing deep within the complexity of our individual consciousness lies this sense of belonging. We all aspire to have our lives shared in a meaningful way by someone, who sees us in a similar fashion to the way we view ourselves. Family is the first layer of connection, but can only pacify the exterior levels of this desire to belong. The natural tendency for resisting that threshold for how deep the intimacy can progress rises to preclude the types of bonds we seek from those outside our common genetics. Meeting a stranger, and allowing them into the part of us we hold most sacred to who we know ourselves to be, then accepting them in the same way. This is the dawn of our emotional wherewithal. Our development as a person feeds the different levels of this progression, as we become physically able long before our emotional capacity is understood by our consciousness. This state of confusion exists for many years and even a lifetime for some, and others seem to settle on the version of themselves they are most comfortable being, then launch themselves into the world that wraps around them from there. So, what happens to those who continually grow along the course of their lives, especially when connecting to those who stagnate in their development? Traditionally we make compromises for the distance that evolves, but that can only bind for so long. Sacrificing your personal development for the sake of lagging behind to pacify the lack of others ability to grow only plants the seeds for resentment at some point in time. How can you ever become the best version of yourself under these circumstances? Seeking the comfort of others who represent a similar level of progress redefines the impetus for what caused us to seek connection outside of our original family group. Attachment to others just because we already know them would appear more like pity than genuine connection. Here is where we fall into the distinct categories of social relevance with regards to the networks we exist within. Social butterflies are stimulated by the excitement of meeting new people and going through the process of distinguishing the connection possibilities. Others manage that process in a much more regulated manner, and accept new connections that organically occur through their current relationships. Let's refer to these two described distinctions as "Wide Open" and "Regulated" for the sake of organizing the subject matter. We now move to the group whom keep an inventory of connections, so adding new members to their network requires a trigger outside of the day to day process. These folks have lifelong connections from their formidable years that seem to trump opening up to new people who come along later in life. The process of opening up is more traumatic than satisfying, so they regulate the process with great scrutiny. "Closed Off" would be my description for that final group, who restrict their inner self to a very select few, and watch their worlds continually contract over the remainder of their days. 

It's important to point out here, I'm not writing a research paper from work I've done examining this subject. Mine is anecdotally supported from my passion for understanding by absorbing the research of others and applying that to my awareness of the world around me

All of the aforementioned segments above mix and mingle together from time to time. Realizing there are more specific delineations for the spectrum of human connections and how we grow and prosper as a species. What I'm seeking is that magic trigger for allowing more people to meaningfully connect at a significant level to better allow more advancement for more individuals. There’s your legit end game! There’s a natural curiosity with our species to connect with others of our kind. It appears in all of us in some form or fashion of varying degrees. Fostering and polishing that dimension of ourselves to a more refined aspect of this human condition is our challenge. Recognizing that even large herds of animals behave to a generalized pattern beneficial to the overall survival of the herd. Identifying everyone as a potential connection without having to define any type of adversarial role for those who simply don’t qualify as a best fit.  “We may not be friends, but that doesn’t automatically make us enemies.” Differences are linked to preferences and not the impetus for hate. Drop this notion of EVERYONE from your vocabulary! It can only apply to very small specific groups of individuals in an extremely restrictive context. Grand assumptions based on stereotypical manifestations from narrow focused perspectives are pretty much useless in the complexity of the modern world. Communities are two fold dichotomies of geography and connection. Humans living in geographic proximity share municipal resources for benefit of economies of scale, even in the absence of emotional connections. Humans living outside of shared geographical proximity can readily share emotional proximity from anywhere connected by telecommunications. The capacity to involve ourselves with the lives of others has never been more readily available, it just takes some refining to distill the various preferences existing within the human experience. 




Three hours of Bachelor Finale Hell, and thirty-one seasons in we now get uncut, unedited footage for the first time in the shows distorted history. WTF is wrong with this crazy show?


First, let’s take a look at the whole idea of putting twenty-five women through the process of hoping this is their magic opportunity, then destroying one of them, who gets cut at the final moment. Why would anyone subject themselves to that heartache? For the one who does dodge that misfortune, how can they ever truly know he has gotten over those feelings for that other woman? Even more disturbing, millions of people watch this shit every single time.  


Secondly, are people so gullible that they perceive this as actual reality? It’s a testament to the emotional dysfunction of our modern American culture. Seeing yourself within the context of a reality television show should scare the fuck out of anyone caught up in such a dilemma. These contestants subject themselves to an opportunity to be elevated to celebrity like status, in exchange for a little emotional humiliation. 


The whole problem for me is that the masses of these personal stories are actually people’s lives being objectified to market some advertising. If we watch, we show support for this heinous distortion of something so emotionally difficult to actually endure. Broken hearts and crushed hopes aren’t something to subject people to for the sake of entertainment. This is the realm of fictional depiction from creative geniuses touching that nerve we all can relate with. Not actual experienced tragedy displayed in between commercial breaks, portrayed as real life, yet scripted and edited to give it the perfect production touches. 

  #bachelornation bullshit