“This persimmon wood came from a tree that stood in my grandparents yard. Granddad cursed it’s annual deposit of its fruit all over his yard and driveway. He promised me I could have the wood from it whenever he got around to cutting it down. That day was never a part of his life, but the memories are forever captured as I craft a desk with the fulfillment of his promise of that tree...” 



  “This wood possesses a character and presence far beyond the boundaries of its cellulose fibers. The story of my childhood is ingrained in these aesthetically engaging character markings. I spent half of my childhood summers in that yard, imagining I was a soldier in a distant land, or chasing my younger sister around in a game of tag. This wood has known me all my life...” 



  “Today it supports my work in a career I find so very fulfilling. This tree from my childhood converted to lumber by one of my best friends, and hand crafted from a vision of something that would last beyond my lifetime. Inspiration for making my world a better place for more than just myself...” 



  “Nostalgia sits at the roots of our being, carefully watching the days for moments to care and engage in the lives of others. Feeling loved by the ones we love completes us. Anchoring those people with memories to last another lifetime is vital to maintaining heritage...”




dreams of delusion 

ideas from beyond  

notions all yesterday  

there’s no right

trading comfort in

every second wasted

hope is falsifiable  

rationalizing from irrationality  

life portrayed fiction  

chain linked lies

 no peace within



   “...Italian frico breakfast” 

reconnecting fraid ends

piecing together tomorrow  

marginalizing the details

rejoicing from spirit  

exhausting demented intentions  

fusing dislocated honesty

 embracing hearts desire 

forgetting turbulent discrepancies  

petition for dedication  

acknowledge true struggle  

mention said vulnerability  




 “...Artisan Corned Beef” 

 deliver your best

volatile outcomes reflect  

possessed by gratitude 

driven from purpose  

anticipation through development  

 clinched by nostalgia 

soothed from sensational  

 tendered for conformity 

pasted as reformation  

seen over experience  

lived beyond peace



  “...Hawk Moth”