Our view of the lives we lead is more influenced by what we eat, than what we understand. The affect of mood seeps into every attempt at discerning our interpretation of the reality surrounding our existence. This sense of how we feel about a train of thought is deeply rooted in the bacteria of our digestive system, and the balance of normalcy between billions of microbes working to breakdown the content of what we consume as nourishment. Consciousness arrived long after nature developed this system for supplying the body with the necessary fuel essential to survival and thus reproduction. The ties between our bodies responses to the what we ingest are profound. Every cell throughout our body is in constant and continuous contact with effects of the digestive process. At the cellular level, we budget energy to correspond to the rate at which its replenished. Individual cells don’t store energy, thus their usage is dependent on an efficient means of continually delivering that source. Through the adaptation of consciousness and higher levels of cognitive deliberation, the body’s response to what we derive as fuel is highly regulated by the master of all human regulators, emotion. How we feel is the most significant indication of our state of being. Controlling the lens that we view our reality through is  all the control we possess. 



“...waiting out the rain” 


I can’t help but wonder what the extent of our industrialized food culture contributes to the current state of affairs here in the U.S. I realize it’s not that simple, and the complexity of any modern day society is immense with contributing factors, but the anecdotal occurrences of digestive disruptions within my world causes me to consider the effects. Even if it’s just a small part of the why, it’s one aspect of life we have all the power to regulate. With the rate of change for everything around us soaring as humanity expands the volume of ideas converted to reality, the fundamentals of our existence are vital to our continued well being. The average lifestyle is trending away from what has allowed our species to become what it is today. The very basis of healthy is being challenged by convenience in order to keep pace with the speed of our social development. All the while, we are biologically tethered to the fundamentals of life itself. Eating, sleeping, and exercising are the foundations of how we arrived at today. Budgeting them into the modern lifestyle, while capitalizing on the advancements of all that change development is the challenge.  



 “...sneaky passenger”  

 “...sneaky passenger” 

 “If all we know, is all we have”...what we know matters most! In today’s world, this is what separates the majority from the 20% taking advantage of their understanding of how we exist. 




How we rank in this paradigm greatly influences our outcomes. How you view your life helps determine the trajectory for your progress. Understanding the effects of change in regards to progress allows the individual to ascend upward, while defiance lowers that trajectory downward, even to the extent of despair. Now imagine the effects of your mood on this situation, and the realization of that next bite of food contributing to your place in life. Low and behold, the big picture is just a collection of small brush strokes, and the details really do matter. Creating understanding, observing the creators, awareness of the observations, and continually updating your story is the process for being included. Authoring your individual story with knowledge delivers a vastly different outcome than feeling good or bad, depending on what transpired and calling it luck. 


   “...Mansfield, LA”   

  “...Mansfield, LA” 

Decay is rooted in the stagnation of growth. Growth is only limited by the infrastructure of the organism. Trees attain the height their individual structures will support absent of external influences. Humans are given our internal structure from our ancestors genetics. We fulfill that capacity with the fundamental basis for supporting life by eating, sleeping, and physical activity. Growth as a person, emotionally and intellectually is chosen and lacks the constraints of infrastructure as previously described. Decay comes in the form of rationalization of your lack of effort and subsequent failures. Isolation is the end game of this path, leaving you alone and suffering the misery of being disconnected, or possibly worst, being surrounded by people just like yourself. 



  “...hidden treasure” 

 Knowing who we are and accepting our role in that is about the best anyone can achieve. Staking a claim to the notion of control in hopes of satisfying our desire to have or achieve can backfire. Life is a struggle for all forms of life itself. Peace is not being consumed by the challenge of life, and embracing the unknown as an opportunity rather than something terrifying. Managing your emotional impulses, so that they align with the decisions they’re intended to support. Stop wanting and start living...






   “Utah from 30,000 feet...”


Transformation in the form of incrimental improvement of my perspective on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Overcoming the natural human defaults of anger, judgment, and anxiety of everything outside of our singular consciousness. We bask in the cool comforts of complacency, viewing the struggle of life as a burden. Opportunity = Hope, Complacency denies opportunity and boils up ultimately in despair. Anxiety is derived from the lack of predictability and sticks so tightly to our awareness with the support of anger and judgment.  



   “...grilled artichoke”

If you believe that doing something will help you to become a better person, and you are able to do it, and you’re willing to do it. Fucking Do It!!!! The world is awash with people stuck rationalizing their complacency with bullshit justification for the ocean of anxiety they see around them. Is it an accident those capable of rationing gratification and accepting struggle are more well rounded than those who succumb to their impulses and avoid dealing with struggle and sacrifice. All of these are choices we all can make to see ourselves in a different light. 



  “Rooftop Bloody Mary...” 

No one should ever feel helpless and alone in their everyday life. The barriers you perceive preventing you from flourishing are adjustable with your perspective. Hope is simply a matter of looking up towards life. Chaos exists in the absence of order, and you control the switch. Inspiring yourself so you can then inspire others. Do your best to be your best, whatever that is.  





words offer hope

hope fills dreams

dreams pacify spirits

spirits soothes hearts

hearts weigh life

life spins cycles

and so on... 




   “...charcuterie board”



 “...Sunday, Bloody Sunday.



The very best we are is when we meet life on our terms. The great compromise lies in the reality that the universe only occasionally aligns with what we want, the rest of the time we are called to adapt. It’s acceptance of this dynamic where peace flourishes. That sense of contentment is often referred to as happiness. Words are the tools for expressing this existence, and sewing together a story representing our place within this ultimate spectrum is the reality of living. Many things can alter how we feel, but nothing can define who we are except the capacity to express that story. 


  “Doing the Right Thing...” 


Hidden within every decision we make exists the best choice. It’s not always  Right or Wrong , but far too often it’s simply a measure of the best of what’s right, or the worst of what’s wrong. Most of the time the consequences of this decision don’t represent immediate benefits or peril. The fact that very little appears to be on the line for a particular everyday decision feeds complacency in the identification of what’s truly critical and what’s not. It’s the aggregate of thousands of apparently sanguine decisions for which we arrive at shocked and astounded. 



   “...Flounder Cocktail”



   “...purple hull peas & fresh bacon”



Living a full life requires awareness of ones existence. Joy doesn’t wear a sign for our convenience. Happiness is an unmarked path, not the destination at its end. The cycle of complacency steers our focus away from our ability to be present and aware. What lives outside this very moment only pales to the prevalence of now. Stop living off of rumors of what if, and take your shot at seeing the universe around you. It’s oh so temporary in context to its vast total. The only true understanding you’ll ever know is the one you build with your reality...