Every adventure helps to enhance a better version of me. We never fail to meet and engage new people along the way. I was reminded that listening to the stories of others lives helps merge you into their realities. We connect by the questions we ask and not so much by the unprompted statements we broadcast. I find myself reflecting clearer after I’ve immersed my reality into the perspectives of those around me. I suppose one needs to have this understanding to push beyond the limits of the egos confinement’s. Engage, embrace, and enjoy appears to be the path I’ve discovered through all of my travels.  



We can only grow by pushing our boundaries beyond what feels comfortable. We can only truly evaluate ourselves through the perspectives of those around us. We can only realize peace by settling these two paradigms. Reaching out to others through your attention to their reflections of what’s in their hearts and on their minds. Often times it’s the story they wear and not the story they tell that’s weighing on them. Embracing them with your comforting touch absent of the judgement they fear. 



I suppose that if you’re going to give a shit, you should be ready to make a difference in this world. All too often, the motivation comes from attaining something for yourself. It doesn’t feel quite as bad, if you share a little piece with your family, but generally that is secondary in the hierarchy of incentives for us. All those people piled up at the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid hunger to have stuff in their lives too, numbing the sting of not having a clear path to prosperity.



Hope is what’s left for those who can’t see their imagination come to life. The view through your feelings is clouded with the distortion of the effects of your emotional entrapment. Just as the planets bend the light with their gravity, ones thoughts get skewed by those undeniable feelings. Peace and comfort only exist when you can precisely calculate the arc of that bend to identify where things will land for you.  





...how often do we use this phrase to justify our situation?  Diminishing the significance of something to avoid the emotional conflict it creates is...well, cowardice at face value. Self proclaimed to be a person of principle and upstanding to ones beliefs and values is deteriorated to a certain extent every time we make these exceptions though. Yet,  taking this to the other extreme is toxic in and of itself in that we wrap boundaries around our capacity to grow. All of this points to a much deeper truth, we are all prisoners to our impulses. Ignore them, and they haunt you with their subconscious craving. Give them the reigns, and you stir your life into a constant state of turmoil. Balancing between the two is the never ending story of being a modern day human being. I’m no different than everyone else when it comes to this struggle. The tiny bit of guilt following this impulse subservience isn’t enough to keep us awake at night, but cumulatively they do wear down our decision making skills to the point where we overlook the real trade offs we are addressing. Just as when dealing with others, a series of false truths can quickly become an avalanche of denial. This is precisely why values and beliefs anchor our perceptions. 



  “...$20 Burger😳” 

 Now, let’s take a look at the landscape of humanity around us today. Values and principles are terms shoveled around by those with enough abundance to stave off worry of survival. The majority of the humans living on earth at this very moment compromise honor for need pretty regularly. It’s not a terrible thing in reality, but a necessary moral dilemma in fact. I would venture to say, that those same people are only called to weigh their options a small percentage of the time. The large majority of the decisions facing them can be evaluated absent of the emotional conflict. The point I’m driving here is this, building your life around social norms as though they are absolutes is short sighted to the spectrum of the big picture. Rules provide texture to our expectations for others. “If everyone does what they’re supposed to do, order is served up” Let you in on a secret...that shit is naive as fuck! How much emphasis we place on something definitely drives its context in our lives. Because something is valuable to us doesn’t make it a treasure. 



  “...add artichokes & jalapeño’s” 


Once again, life is all about getting over something. Yourself mostly, but we only have so many moments to work through. Defining the intensity of each and every aspect of a life is way too much deliberation to choke down. I’m not condoning just ignoring everything either. I’m saying build your morals around honesty with yourself first and foremost. Shrinking the gap between the accountability you hold yourself to versus the standards you hold others to. I believe it’s vital to accepting others with any true meaning. The difference in existing and thriving. One can only truly know their perspective, and applying that to anyone else is ridiculous at best. Just as assuming the series of little lies we stuff down our own faces to avoid being honest with ourselves does not convey to doing likewise to others, especially if we care about them. Here in this detail we can grasp the magnitude of how this cycle works. “Not such a big deal to me, must not be a big deal to so in so” That’s the amplifier that launches the dicey ride, and the slippery slope is a long ass horrible time. Whatever the specific circumstances are the golden rule is always applicable. 








What is the purpose of coming to this medium we call blogging, and taking the time out of my life to share what’s in my mind? Certainly not the notoriety, or recognition for the greatness of my thoughts and ideas. Barely anyone sees any of these blurbs as anything other than somewhat entertaining, or interesting. There’s no captivating insight or genuinely compelling aspect to the things being delivered here. I’m not cultivating my inner creativity that’s hidden deep within my confusion about my sense of self. Therapeutically speaking, it’s absent of emotional release or benefit. My imagination doesn’t throw itself upon the pages as my release from reality runs wild. No, I write to clear my thoughts for the regeneration of new things to swell up behind them. Inventory control if it were. I suppose you never truly identify it as clarity or delusion until after the thoughts stop, or you cross a line of genius or insanity. It never feels like work to spill my mind onto a blank page, I guess that comes from the total lack of expectations on my part. Fame is not in my character, yet neither is obscurity for that matter. I live a full life rich with people I care about. I don’t want for the basic necessities, or fear the scarcity of resources to satisfy my needs. Wanting is an actionable sensation triggering impulses to build a strategic plan for achieving what truly moves me. Balancing that with the needs and wants of others doesn’t leave me bitter nor envious to any extent. Satisfaction comes from this ennate ability to simply be me, and not burden anyone else for doing so. I help others almost every day, and connect people to realize their best paths for their own freedoms. Maybe that’s why I focus my creativity on identifying solutions to the problems that plague generations of people lacking the capacity to solve them on their own. Seems like such a waste to not seek hope and idealize the future for our species and the world we exist within. Each and every one of us has this capacity to be influenced into believing in something bigger than just our life. By reading this, you validate my notion of spreading ideas to others has developed the world to what we know today, and will continue to spread across the lives of future generations. Dogmatic cultural biases have held us to the separation we see ourselves in today. Sharing thoughts and ideas in the absence of ideology will build tomorrow. Ignoring each other will drive us to extinction...