There’s hope, even in the face of apparent ignorance and self absorption for special interests. Young Americans are energized over the epic legislative failures surrounding the ongoing issues of mass shootings and lack of gun control. Cameron Kasky struck a nerve with his statement   “We are the generation of mass shootings...”  Having been born shortly after Columbine, there’s been a mass shootings every year of his life. That’s a terrible tribute to the social footprint for all that fall under that statistic. The complexity of how we arrived at this dilemma is only overshadowed by the solution to its presence. Let’s then contrast that detail against the fact we had the lowest voter turnout since WWII that elected the furthest outlier from the political establishment. What am I suggesting here, simply that the newly armed technology equipped liberally motivated youth of   “March for Our Lives” are a viable agent for significant change. Only time will tell if their convictions are as strong as their words, but the fact they’re challenging the status quo of inept sociological partisan gridlock is encouraging. 


We are living in the distant future of our grandparents. All of us relate to our lives in terms of perspective, and that perception shifts with each and every group born into existence. Our fallacy lies within our anchoring that perspective by established biases we live along the way. Experiences become such powerful distractions from actual real time interpretation, that they distort what we come to know as beliefs. The autonomic interoceptive systems in our brain have packed all of this into our sensory capacity in order for our species to survive in a world vastly different from the present one. Those systems probably looks tens of thousands of years to evolve, while the world we've created has evolved in just a few hundred years. This disparity behind our mismatching what we call intuitive processing and the world we've crafted is the story underlying much of the social disfunction alluded to in the opening paragraph. Change scares the fuck outta folks, and it’s occurring at light speed compared to the social capacity to absorb and adjust to it. We have large groups of individuals collectively searching for a rational explanation to their intuitive miscalculations. They are being herded around by change architecture they haven’t a clue exists. The relevance of compassion to the past is ever increasing losing its significance. This is the crux of the issue, as we are a species of storytelling. Remember that social evolution detail I mentioned before, well it can’t hold a candle to how fast life is advancing for those, who can keep up. 



Stormy Daniels suggested her lifestyle would be in jeopardy for ratting our Trump, I’m not sure exactly how, but Trump should have to answer to his wife for his horny little fantasy ride. Cohn should be examined for campaign contribution violations, and then the voters can decide how it effects the office of The President. Porn star fantasies are what keep the profession going. You sort of had to understand how big a dick Donald Trump is long before he ran for office?



Love is the single most magical aspect of our existence. It’s thoughts, feelings, and hormones flexing their influence all at once. It’s so captivating to our consciousness, it fills all the spare moments we don’t use for the operational aspects of life. You don’t even have to consider its presence, it just rises up from within the human in all of us. We’ve made it so complicated with the written and spoken word, attempting to describe and define its presence in our reality. Something so powerful surely must have a reasonable explanation. It falls upon all of us to share it with as many others as we can, by giving our hearts to the true spirit of compassion and connection. Everybody feels something for someone else...



   #stormy daniels 


Ever think about why numbing the mind is so popular? Life is so fucking everything except easy, that we are consumed in subjugating its presence with a more appealing alternative to the reality we have to face. This has been building from the dawn of the written word, and the stories that lead to the advent of concepts such as religion. We are drawn to the type of fantasy that relieves the anxiety of the finality of life, and the unknown of anything beyond death. Every layer of technological advancement, jacks the boundaries for our capacity to create this fantasy alternative. Today, the ability to create content is exponential to just a half a century ago. Smartphones possess the ability to produce, edit, and distribute feature length and quality shows. The youth of the modern world spend countless hours, starting at insanely early ages, engaged in the art of distraction. What happens to the state of the future self, if so much is available to ignore the calling from within? Will we just pretend to live underneath this shell of a reality, painted with the imaginary details of a relevant distraction...

What is falling to the way side in all of this is the relative social concept of how we became the dominant species of this planet. Our ability to communicate face to face in small communal groups, linked to one another by social strands into cities and regions. Not the isolationist shitstorm sweeping across the alt-right, but the anthropological connections forming us into bands of 125 or so members. This social capacity of our ancestors, propelled us out of the forrest and into the city. Maybe all of this is simply the evolution of our kind into the next development of this social trajectory. I totally get the convenience of the long distance access to the instant thoughts of others around the planet, hell most of those reading this are folks from all over, that I have no personal connection to. Yet, I don't circumvent the actual face to face relationships of my local friends with this platform of communication. There's an evolutionary purpose behind the 42 facial muscles and their ability to convey our thoughts and intentions. 

Oh, by the way, tomorrow is Valentine's Day...


touched by the presence  

moved to a fever

electric excitement enrages expectations  

fluttered heart races within  

conscious control fails you

you aren’t yourself anymore  

this thing called love

traverses the soul uninhabited  

anchored on the mind

raking away valued restraint  

peace resides all over

everything seems perfectly suited