Three hours of Bachelor Finale Hell, and thirty-one seasons in we now get uncut, unedited footage for the first time in the shows distorted history. WTF is wrong with this crazy show?


First, let’s take a look at the whole idea of putting twenty-five women through the process of hoping this is their magic opportunity, then destroying one of them, who gets cut at the final moment. Why would anyone subject themselves to that heartache? For the one who does dodge that misfortune, how can they ever truly know he has gotten over those feelings for that other woman? Even more disturbing, millions of people watch this shit every single time.  


Secondly, are people so gullible that they perceive this as actual reality? It’s a testament to the emotional dysfunction of our modern American culture. Seeing yourself within the context of a reality television show should scare the fuck out of anyone caught up in such a dilemma. These contestants subject themselves to an opportunity to be elevated to celebrity like status, in exchange for a little emotional humiliation. 


The whole problem for me is that the masses of these personal stories are actually people’s lives being objectified to market some advertising. If we watch, we show support for this heinous distortion of something so emotionally difficult to actually endure. Broken hearts and crushed hopes aren’t something to subject people to for the sake of entertainment. This is the realm of fictional depiction from creative geniuses touching that nerve we all can relate with. Not actual experienced tragedy displayed in between commercial breaks, portrayed as real life, yet scripted and edited to give it the perfect production touches. 

  #bachelornation bullshit