President George H.W. Bush  

June 12, 1924 - November 30, 2018


   "No problem of human making is too great to be overcome by human ingenuity, human energy, and the untiring hope of the human spirit."


I believe the man behind the imagery of his achievements represents the essence of what we define and identify with as character. That feeling comes to me as I reflect on my life during the influence of this man. George Bush was committed to guiding this country through the ever increasing complexity of a world in transition. My awareness wasn’t nearly as evolved as it is today, so blindly benefiting from the leadership of others was my existence. Awakening into a world transformed in my thirties, the fingerprints of President Bush were all around. Communism was this emotional weight from my earliest memories, and watching it’s threat to my mere existence was a part of everyday life in some form or fashion. There was a sense of relief when it collapsed throughout Eastern Europe and Russia. While not fully responsible for the fall of Soviet Communism, his participation was endeared into my memories. The idea of two opposing ideologies possessing the capacity to end the human race with the push of a button was incredibly disturbing to me as a child. Conceptualizing the understanding that me and everything around me was extinguishable with no consideration for what that meant to me was a dark cloud. The complete regression away from that confrontation was a profound moment in time for those of us affected by its threat. Facilitating this epic event ties this man to my life for the end of my days.  



   “...rolling thunder”

   “...imminent front”


   “...change delivery”


   “...tasty vittles”


Being a son of the South, I love basking in the cultural nuances and traditions. It’s not all about slavery and racism, you realize we didn’t invent either of those social scars. Honor and hospitality are the codes for those of us, who love their mommas and appreciate the respect aligned with embracing something beyond yourself. Satisfaction is an accomplishment, not a transient disposition. We all live to a certain capacity, southerners assess life with a differing intensity. The journey does matter to the outcome. 




I’m very much reminded of the capabilities of the human condition run amuck this past week. Yet again, we revisit the entire concept of human rights, and a single society’s right to express their freedoms with possession of arms for the illusion of self defense. Murder is the byproduct, whenever justice is held at bay from mandated civility in deciding whose death was an accident, and whose was intentional. Emotional disposition isn’t a box to be checked, whenever you go to buy a weapon, just as long as you’ve never been convicted of the subjective idea of a felony. All those, whose lives were extinguished, will never debate the rationale of why so many guns. They lie silently in the grave from the illegitimate notion, it’s a human right to bear those arms for freedom...


  “...beers, wings, dumpster, birthday’s” 



  #southern pride