...how often do we use this phrase to justify our situation?  Diminishing the significance of something to avoid the emotional conflict it creates is...well, cowardice at face value. Self proclaimed to be a person of principle and upstanding to ones beliefs and values is deteriorated to a certain extent every time we make these exceptions though. Yet,  taking this to the other extreme is toxic in and of itself in that we wrap boundaries around our capacity to grow. All of this points to a much deeper truth, we are all prisoners to our impulses. Ignore them, and they haunt you with their subconscious craving. Give them the reigns, and you stir your life into a constant state of turmoil. Balancing between the two is the never ending story of being a modern day human being. I’m no different than everyone else when it comes to this struggle. The tiny bit of guilt following this impulse subservience isn’t enough to keep us awake at night, but cumulatively they do wear down our decision making skills to the point where we overlook the real trade offs we are addressing. Just as when dealing with others, a series of false truths can quickly become an avalanche of denial. This is precisely why values and beliefs anchor our perceptions. 



  “...$20 Burger😳” 

 Now, let’s take a look at the landscape of humanity around us today. Values and principles are terms shoveled around by those with enough abundance to stave off worry of survival. The majority of the humans living on earth at this very moment compromise honor for need pretty regularly. It’s not a terrible thing in reality, but a necessary moral dilemma in fact. I would venture to say, that those same people are only called to weigh their options a small percentage of the time. The large majority of the decisions facing them can be evaluated absent of the emotional conflict. The point I’m driving here is this, building your life around social norms as though they are absolutes is short sighted to the spectrum of the big picture. Rules provide texture to our expectations for others. “If everyone does what they’re supposed to do, order is served up” Let you in on a secret...that shit is naive as fuck! How much emphasis we place on something definitely drives its context in our lives. Because something is valuable to us doesn’t make it a treasure. 



  “...add artichokes & jalapeño’s” 


Once again, life is all about getting over something. Yourself mostly, but we only have so many moments to work through. Defining the intensity of each and every aspect of a life is way too much deliberation to choke down. I’m not condoning just ignoring everything either. I’m saying build your morals around honesty with yourself first and foremost. Shrinking the gap between the accountability you hold yourself to versus the standards you hold others to. I believe it’s vital to accepting others with any true meaning. The difference in existing and thriving. One can only truly know their perspective, and applying that to anyone else is ridiculous at best. Just as assuming the series of little lies we stuff down our own faces to avoid being honest with ourselves does not convey to doing likewise to others, especially if we care about them. Here in this detail we can grasp the magnitude of how this cycle works. “Not such a big deal to me, must not be a big deal to so in so” That’s the amplifier that launches the dicey ride, and the slippery slope is a long ass horrible time. Whatever the specific circumstances are the golden rule is always applicable. 








I pondered the title for today's piece, with all of the things going on drawing my scrutiny. Urban Meyer made the list with his nepotistic handling of his assistant coaches domestic violence accusations by his estranged wife dating back to 2009. 


Obviously, winning football games is the top priority in the culture of Ohio State. There’s no legitimate argument to defend the behavior exhibited by this institution in the face of what we assume as the truth of all this. No one is denying the events leading up to this day of judgment. None of the details are being disputed or portrayed as misrepresented. In my eyes, it’s a case of values and poor judgment rewarded with essentially a slap on the wrist in the face of a nation wide scandal. 

Jeff Sessions is the other person smelling of disgrace this day. Who takes the criticism of their boss like he does? Come to find out the president doesn’t have to obey the actual laws. Lincoln threatened to jail the Supreme Court Chief Justice, when informed his suspension of habeas corpus was unconstitutional. Trump dogs the fuck out of these people, and they just take it. 


 Sessions is so delusional with rampant ideology, he fails to identify his role in supporting progress. He wants to hold humanity to this Johnson era conservatism at all costs, while wiggling around the legal controversy pushed up by the very administration, that nominated him for his current position. 

Asia Argento seems to have a double standard for her role in the #metoo movement. I don’t know what she did or didn’t do, and the personal life of those who pretend to be other people, so that their audience can numb the fuck out of their own actual lives is a waste of my attention. What I find perplexing is the volume of attention this situation has garnered. 


The media takes the position of delivering the truth in support of free speech, so that the populous can hold the authority accountable with their vote, derived from this transparency of understanding. Trump has attacked this relationship with accusations of fake agenda based content from the mainstream providers of news. The expansion of the internet has diluted the capacity of any single source of content for providing in depth factual beneficial information with attention grabbing headlines absent of breadth and scope.  

  “Do we find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground. Mother Earth will swallow you, lay your body down...” 

~Crosby, Stills, and Nash~