I’m one of the lucky ones, given all of the things in my life. My wife is beyond amazing in her support and understanding of who I am. Believe me, I can be a handful at times, but somehow she is there for me. Our kids are all good people with their own individual stuff that makes them who they are, but they make me feel as though I’ve been a good influence on their lives. Our immediate families are all low drama, and easy to be related to. There is my wife’s younger sister, who’s out there, but she doesn’t infringe on our lives what so ever. We simply ignore her for the most part. Hell, I only first met her a couple of years back for the first time. So, all in all I have nothing but blessings for where things are at the present. I’m working on getting the health where I want it with a better lifestyle for sustaining my ability to continue this life for many years to come. There have been ample times across the past fifty plus years, where I would have never imagined myself in this position, so stopping and sharing a little gratitude every once in a while is never a bad idea. I believe that expecting your best from yourself helps create who you are. All the surrounding circumstances are too much to have any measure of control over. Doing your best to manage the piece within your control is all there is to work with. Getting worked up over not getting what you feel you deserve will carve the peace and joy of what you do have away. So, in essence you’re making your life worse by doing such. Stop and savor the moments a bit. It’ll make things so much better...😍


  #life is good