“we feel, yet we don’t understand why...” 



The story of life is widely misrepresented by the myths and legends permeating our short period of existence with the capacity to express what that means. A hundred years of progress feels like all of time memorial. A generation connects with what they view as their privilege, and dismisses the acknowledgement of the past as the precursor to today. The challenges of tomorrow lie dormant in the vision of today. We fail to imagine what lives in the future, if we bask within the jaded accomplishments of the past. You can’t see tomorrow, if you don’t recognize today...



   “...we live as though”




The future of life for this planet comes with the acknowledgement of its ties to the abundance of the universe absent from the exploitation of the precious scarcity we focus on. Carbon and water provide the life we know, with all of its written history. Nuclear fusion is the gateway to life’s extension beyond our moral inabilities with practices such as greed and power. Reckless profitability has corrupted our ability to perceive the best path for sustainability of everything. Instead we promote justice and a symbolic righteousness for building fear is much easier than creating understanding. 


     “...birthday cake”

   “...birthday cake”



How often do we make compromises with ourselves? Because we represent both sides of any personal situation of the self, we view these dilemmas differently than whenever we assume only one side. Within any decision concerning more than one party, each sides perspective is skewed towards self interest. Dominant and submissive personalities come forward, and the metrics for which they meet drives the negotiation. Bossy types want their way no matter what, while submissive types yield to what others insist upon. There’s much more granularity to this, but my point here is to paint a picture of how we inner act with others in order to contrast that to how we treat those with ourselves.  


  “Once you compromise with yourself...what is left to give up?” 


 I first used this phrase in my late teens, as a buddy and I were in deep philosophical conversation, while extremely stoned. This was very common of the 70’s and 80’s! I used it again yesterday, when commenting on a post with a moral dilemma present. The terms of these   “Self Negotiations”  are the relevance of the conversation, for it’s the demands we make of ourselves that reflect our integrity and character. Short of expressing every single thought, no one else knows our inner dilemmas on a moment by moment basis. Research has shown the human propensity to rationalize the behaviors stemming from our responses to our own emotional thresholds. We eat the chocolate, even though we’re not in need of nutrients, because it tastes so good, then guilt rears it’s ugly head, and we smash it down with a dose of   “Its only one candy bar...I’ll compensate somehow for it later”.   (Sound familiar) Granted, this is a very simplistic yet cliche analogy, but we do this with so many other circumstances, it’s a major part of all of our experiences. 

  “How does this affect each of us as individuals...?” 

As with everything Homo Sapien, what we all share lies hidden beneath the complexity of what makes us individuals. Only when we share these specific occurrences of moral dilemmas can we begin to better manage the inner negotiations we all face. Conversely, whenever we negotiate with others, we can benefit from how we deal with ourselves. Applying the view of both perspectives to any discussion builds better connections and thusly closer relationships. If I feel as though I understand you anywhere close to how I view myself, I have much more sympathy, empathy, and compassion for everyone. The biggest requirement to this paradigm involves each of us to first develop an honest understanding of ourselves. Knowing the boundaries for compromise, and not being too controlling or weak in where we make our stand on how we flush out decisions. Once we establish values, we drive our conscious choices with their support. Constant evaluation of said values promotes change leading to progress. Latching ahold without any further scrutiny...well, that’s the definition of conservatism😳





It’s -1* outside...feels like -17* 


Well, it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, so it can get cold. While I’m not a fan of extreme cold, what the fuck are you going to do about the weather. As this type of temperature sets in, I leave my just in case gear in the car for emergency situations. Heavy duty down coat with attic hood, gortex gloves, micro fleece face mask. The last thing you want is to die from hypothermia after some unfortunate event. I’ll stop and fill the fuel tank on the way to work.  


Being prepared for life is essential to prospering in all of its complexity. Building a strategic direction for your day that doesn’t involve wishing, hoping, or praying for some extra luck in your favor isn’t such a bad idea. You don’t need to go hyper obsessive and map out every seconds worth of detail, but budgeting some mindspace to account for the overall structure will help the outcomes of most days.  


This is not not where I come to give people self help advice, for fucks sake, I’m still trying to figure out my own shit. I do propose to share observations and understandings I’ve compiled though. The original idea was more about the notion people use to interpret the intentions of others. It coincided with the phrase I hear quite often, whenever people are describing their interpretations. “It feels like” resonates through many of the conversations I’m involved in, as well as the made up ones you hear on television. With the proliferation of talk shows, reality shows, and expert panels, you don’t have to consume too much entertainment to be hit with this phrase.  


What was the buzz phrase before this one became so sheik and trendy? Finding the calm beyond the haze of one’s emotions, creates the space to suggest the widespread use of an emotionally identifying phrase, supporting the notion of emotional over dependency among a broad segment of the population. Anecdotal evidence is far from research based proof, but if you clean the useless shit from your focus, you begin to see and hear so much of what surrounds your life.   


Next chance you get to idly listen to random conversations, secretly count the number of times you hear this phrase. Maybe awesome and amazing come up a few hundred times too... 


#feels like