“...not everything is a competition” 

Human consciousness tends to accelerate seemingly every opportunity into some sort of competition. Call it survival of the fittest, but that’s a childlike perception of Darwin’s work, and biology in general. These battles we build into our awareness are mostly self imposed, rising from the emptiness surrounding existing as an individual being.    “Man can do about anything, if he gets hungry enough” That’s not to imply life is void of competition with others, and we often seek it’s exhilarating effects to break up that boredom associated with the individual. I’m here to discuss the rationale for filtering life into the appropriate subcategories to properly engage where competition exists and to recognize when and where it doesn’t.   “Prepare for battle...or, stand the fuck down”





  “...sometimes there are no winners” 


Every conflict is a perceived competition of some kind. What exactly constitutes legitimacy for a necessary or beneficial competition? Remember that individual referenced in the beginning, they hold the answers to this problem. Within the consciousness of everyone lives the basic tendencies of “fight or flight” wherever a threat is perceived. It’s an unconscious mechanism for self preservation, where your brain initiates behavior from fear for survival. This is extremely appropriate when your life is in danger, and detrimental to rational thinking for all situations not involving your mortality or bodily harm. This hardwiring is the basis for the why we arrived here, and the how we rise above this. Measuring gives us power for understanding, and reference for comparison. Lord knows we love to compare ourselves for no apparent reason, just so we can say some shit. 



  “...too much conflict leaves us sad” 


 Competition is part of how living organisms sort things out. Adaptations for the sake of long term survival is precisely what Darwin spoke of in his Origin of Species. How much of ones life should be devoted to the survival aspect of your existence? That’s important because, we can then allocate all of the remainder of our time. Here is where the picture of our existence becomes much clearer by focusing on what holds us back from becoming better individuals. Now all of a sudden the excuses we make appear as lies to ourselves. 



  “...absence of competition allows for complacency” 


There’s a mechanism within the conscious mind of our species, that allows our judgement to regulate our response to the constant stimulus we receive from our sensory receptors. It doesn’t come with a guidebook or instructions, that’s the role of experience and learning. Being able to quickly and accurately identify the difference between threats and pleasure is an individuals responsibility to develop. Taking shortcuts in this process leads to herding of individuals into groups of lazy unaware folks. Circumventing one’s unique individuality with that of a larger group often times leads to ideology, which is not always bad, but most of the time renders its followers confused about their role in making life better for everyone. When you’re not competing for basic survival, then exactly what are you competing for...? 



  “...everyone wants their slice of life” 


Abundance and Compassion are not components of biological competition! Basic survival and being loved shouldn’t be viewed as a race against scarcity. Everyone can have enough as to not be a burden on others without sacrificing their capacity to be loved. It’s a simple matter of perception combined with taking the initiative to become that individual hero Jordan Peterson speaks of in his writings. Imagine you’re in charge of saving humanity, and you don’t have to sacrifice yourself, but you also can’t sacrifice others! Neither Republicans or Democrats see you in this context. Their sole objective is to perpetuate the competition, in spite of whatever sacrifices are necessary to the individuals. Hmmm...pretty fucked up, huh? 



  #game theory