I’ve recently become enthralled with the HBO series The Deuce. They do such a good job with their productions, Saprano’s, Sex in the City, Game of Thrones are all marquee award winning series from their creative genius. A line in the aforementioned series somehow caught my attention, and so I used it for my title. The main character played by Maggie Gyllenhaal uses this phrase as she attempts to ease the anxiety of one of the new girls making her debut into the burgeoning adult film business. For me, it personifies the way we humans diminish the negative connotation of any marginalized social dilemma. “It’s just...” anything allows us to offer our subverted acceptance of something that may not be widely as acceptable as we want to believe. As individuals we walk the tightrope of our impulses and whether or not they align with the world around us. We don’t want to disrupt the perceived affect of the ones we hold close to us, but underneath our drive to be socially accepted, we have these impulses that well up from somewhere inside us. It’s these details that are held close to the vest whenever we share ourselves with anyone. Typically it’s a life partner that we more fully open up to, once we establish that sense of safety for revealing our inner self. Generational variations frame this dynamic of human behavior as well, as older generations have a much different perspective than younger ones, and far more experiential content to consider. Making comparisons for individuals across the spectrum of a group that includes multiple dynamics is just an exercise in futility. Standing atop of your viewpoint as if it’s some sort of standard to measure everyone else by is ridiculous, yet that’s the mechanics for which most individuals assess their reality. We want to imagine our view of reality is shared by many, at the same time questioning that streak of darkness within us we can’t explain.




There is a biological premise for all of this, yet the vast majority lack the capacity to identify and understand its existence. Using pop culture as a metaphorical launching pad to initiate change is my latest attempt at finding what will gain traction in my quest to lift the awareness of everyone. Just about all of my diatribe expressed here goes completely unnoticed, and only serves as a sounding board to what is conjured up within me as I contemplate the world around me, outside the boundaries of my reality. It doesn’t require enlightenment to access the internet, and the statistical analysis of human capacity to understand reveals the majority of humans lack the capacity, interest, or motivation to buy into my thoughts. I’m not too a place in my life where this becomes my life’s work, so allocating sufficient time to broadcast my thoughts isn’t quite practical at this time. For now, I’m sort of collecting notes for future reference as I construct my understanding of what’s at play within our species from the great men and women doing the research and formulating the foundations for future generations to expand upon. It’s this basic acceptance of how life is an accumulative progression for all forms of life, that’s tied to its past by experiences that anchor our assessment of the present, while we formulate a prediction of the future that continually transforms the past we leave behind us. All that’s left to improve that future for more individuals is to increase the capacity for more of us to understand this reality within themselves. Efforts to accomplish this are exponentially more effective and efficient the younger the individual being influenced is. 




All that that being said, yesterday was a Seminole moment for me. I attended my very first TEDx conference. For those of you not aware of this organization, take a look at https://www.ted.com/ to familiarize yourself with the organization and it’s story, mission, and purpose. I was privileged enough to see many local people sharing their ideas through their passionate examples of caring for everyone in a way that mimics the way they care about the ones close to them. The initiative is all about cultivating grand ideas from everyone, instead of some pre-existing segment of society that hold to some type of high esteem.  “Ideas worth spreading” is the mission statement of sorts. https://www.ted.com/about/our-organization

Having an idea crafted into a vision supported by a driving passion needs support to gain effective traction to become anything other than a novelty. TED is just than mechanism for lifting ideas to their starting point. My unrelenting passion for lifting the lives of more humans than currently receive a legitimate opportunity needs this type of magnification to ever see any hope for implementation. The die is cast, I just need to construct the functional foundation for building the structure for my vision to reside.