I pondered the title for today's piece, with all of the things going on drawing my scrutiny. Urban Meyer made the list with his nepotistic handling of his assistant coaches domestic violence accusations by his estranged wife dating back to 2009. 


Obviously, winning football games is the top priority in the culture of Ohio State. There’s no legitimate argument to defend the behavior exhibited by this institution in the face of what we assume as the truth of all this. No one is denying the events leading up to this day of judgment. None of the details are being disputed or portrayed as misrepresented. In my eyes, it’s a case of values and poor judgment rewarded with essentially a slap on the wrist in the face of a nation wide scandal. 

Jeff Sessions is the other person smelling of disgrace this day. Who takes the criticism of their boss like he does? Come to find out the president doesn’t have to obey the actual laws. Lincoln threatened to jail the Supreme Court Chief Justice, when informed his suspension of habeas corpus was unconstitutional. Trump dogs the fuck out of these people, and they just take it. 


 Sessions is so delusional with rampant ideology, he fails to identify his role in supporting progress. He wants to hold humanity to this Johnson era conservatism at all costs, while wiggling around the legal controversy pushed up by the very administration, that nominated him for his current position. 

Asia Argento seems to have a double standard for her role in the #metoo movement. I don’t know what she did or didn’t do, and the personal life of those who pretend to be other people, so that their audience can numb the fuck out of their own actual lives is a waste of my attention. What I find perplexing is the volume of attention this situation has garnered. 


The media takes the position of delivering the truth in support of free speech, so that the populous can hold the authority accountable with their vote, derived from this transparency of understanding. Trump has attacked this relationship with accusations of fake agenda based content from the mainstream providers of news. The expansion of the internet has diluted the capacity of any single source of content for providing in depth factual beneficial information with attention grabbing headlines absent of breadth and scope.  

  “Do we find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground. Mother Earth will swallow you, lay your body down...” 

~Crosby, Stills, and Nash~ 




  “...life begins with living” 



The universe knows precisely where it’s going. It’s been headed there for almost fourteen billion years. The drive to get to where it’s ultimately heading is the fodder of countless philosophical inquiries. Our lives are tiny flashes against the massive scale of this journey. That leaves our presence as such a small contribution, we sometimes get lost within why we are here. As a child, my imagination took me to whatever part of the world I could possibly dream of. Whenever a moment didn’t fill my really with enough of what my consciousness needed, my subconscious crept into the scene. I could see and feel myself as whatever suited my fancy. 

  “...where does our imagination go to?” 

As a fifty-five year old, I don’t have those moments of dreamlike bliss. Today my imagination seems to piece together established components of actual experiences. A far cry from the childhood visions of where I imagined myself into the future. It’s as though actual experiences crowd out the capacity to consciously dream. Maybe this is the opportunity for writing to subjugate that void, and unleash the dormant imagination hidden within me. It’s not like I need to make a living from my efforts. Simply reconnecting with a part of me that’s drifted beyond my immediate reach. Feeling as though my flash in this universe might just linger past my ability to tell a story about what I see. Most humans live a soon forgotten existence once their voice fails silent. Just a small few make enough noise to resonate across the years. Many of those are notorious rather than notable. 

  “...butterflies, and zebras, and moonbeams, and fairytales” 

We all reach for a purpose in hopes of justifying our fears of realizing we’re alone within this thing called reality. Surrounding ourselves with people and things to calm our anxieties of never truly knowing why. Putting your head down and ignoring this peripheral element of consciousness appeases some, while others languish in their ego driven absorption for they know no better. There’s a better purpose captured within each of us. It doesn’t shine all by itself, it must be nurtured and cultivated by the right circumstances to take root and grow. Once it sprouts, there’s no hiding it’s beauty. It will grow as tall as your life will let it. Obviously, mine has outgrown my ability to imagine it, so I guess I’ll just have to spend a little time fertilizing and watering those roots.