dreams of delusion 

ideas from beyond  

notions all yesterday  

there’s no right

trading comfort in

every second wasted

hope is falsifiable  

rationalizing from irrationality  

life portrayed fiction  

chain linked lies

 no peace within



   “...Italian frico breakfast” 

reconnecting fraid ends

piecing together tomorrow  

marginalizing the details

rejoicing from spirit  

exhausting demented intentions  

fusing dislocated honesty

 embracing hearts desire 

forgetting turbulent discrepancies  

petition for dedication  

acknowledge true struggle  

mention said vulnerability  




 “...Artisan Corned Beef” 

 deliver your best

volatile outcomes reflect  

possessed by gratitude 

driven from purpose  

anticipation through development  

 clinched by nostalgia 

soothed from sensational  

 tendered for conformity 

pasted as reformation  

seen over experience  

lived beyond peace



  “...Hawk Moth”  









The complexity of human consciousness with all its experiences overlayed upon the environment where they transpire. Conjugate that across billions of occurrences for all those possible circumstances. Is it so far fetched this feeling of being lost within that from time to time. Are we meant to be detachable and thus reachable simultaneously. Making peace with this subscribed notion, while delicately touching the petals of happiness lining the path of ones existence. Nirvana or purgatory depending on perspective. This thing we know as love, swells within our hearts to gently fill the gaps between where our expectations and our experiences don’t quite fit together. Building within us this need for expression, for we seemingly burst from its constantly expanding pressure on the mind. We seek comfort in predictability and it’s illusion of calm, from the turmoil that realizing our consciousness is isolated from all the others by our sense of self. Bonds are formed at the margins of our unique capacity to share our individual place with others, who follow a similar path. The imperfections of how those pieces fit together, we patch over with love. This ability to shape how we connect to the collective consciousness directs us toward the overall outcome of our existence, and thus ultimately delivers the meaning of why we are here. Knowing how to shape and mold the pieces of life together with love, careful not to spill or waste it’s presence, while realizing it’s infinite abundance being produced by compassion. One should never feel lost ever again...



Taking a break in the vacation posting action, and turning to the writing aspect of my  blog. I have several thoughts on my mind today as I lounge in my five star hotel room in the south of France. First things first, I don't identify any status value with the fact I'm sleeping in a super nice hotel. I still wake up every single day and wonder what I did to deserve the life I have. My roots are anchored in families from simple means that appreciated everything they ever had, especially the people who brought meaning to their lives. I've seen both sides of the social equation in that, I have more than so many people in this world, and I often struggle with why me and not someone else. There were beggars everywhere along the streets of Marseille, reaching out to everyone walking by for anything that would come their way. The refugees escaping the turmoil in Northern Africa are all around you, as you walk along the busy streets. The only thing separating these people of struggle and those enjoying an ordinary life is the places they were born and the beliefs they attach themselves to. Pausing to feel sympathetic or compassion without consideration of a solution seems, well, status quo. Life has been divided like this for as long as history itself. First it was nobility layering those atop the social power structure. Now capitalism does exactly the same thing. Leads me to wonder if it’s not just our nature as a species to distribute resources of all kinds along this pattern. 

God flow chart.001.jpeg

The above flowchart represents the implicit distribution of where humans fall from their belief systems related to a single ideological perspective into a wide disparity of actual outcomes. This is how your place in this world can be effected by where and when you were born, absent of any choice  you may have made to arrive there. 

"How many billions of homo sapiens have died simply because of how their lives aligned with the outcomes of this chart...?"

This example suggests the fragility of a life in terms of aspects beyond your control. Would you look at your fellow human beings differently, if you thought for a second that they could easily be you, and you them? As the flow chart suggests, minor shifts in ideology can have profound differences in outcomes. Somehow or another, we humans tend to believe in the idea of birth rights instead of the reality of birth luck. Ideology is something we can apply our preferences and biases to by education and conscious focus toward progressive ideas. Serinity in life comes from dispensing the emotional attachment from whatever is the past, and embracing whatever is the present. I know I harp on this concept quite a bit, because it’s truly that important. I’ve lived through the liberation from this simple transformation, and have real conviction about the power it provides to the type of change humanity hungers for to advance to full modernity. 

  “Progress requires accepting change...” 

In learning about the history and culture of another society, I can’t help but wonder why so much of what we think and believe lies tethered to an understanding that’s so out of date. The less we inform ourselves, the easier we are influenced by things that don’t really align with the best option for moving everyone forward. It’s almost as if the gap between the minority that realizes there’s a better life for more people if we pursue that, and the majority seeing things from a disadvantaged perspective is fixed by the lack of distribution of simple understanding. It would appear that as long as uninformed individuals are socially occupied or distracted by the presence of an immediate emotional drama of some kind, they lose all interest in making themselves more informed participants in advancing change. To make matters worse, the children don’t get the early childhood development necessary to support proper adult functioning, and multigenerational adversity spreads its hideous wings to shadow the future for even more people. Fuck rising test scores, those people swim through a social system that allows them to achieve Facebook status and find a trendy restaurant, so they can consume more calories than their bodies can ever use. All before the notion of how to make the world a better place ever crosses their minds. They’re not bad people, just incapable citizens of a grand society ignorant to the dilemma of the big picture. This is not a new phenomenon...it’s been present from that dawning day of what we call modern history, and doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.



  #change needed