AR - Governor Asa Hutchinson gives our state another black eye with his ridiculous commentary on an appropriate response to gun violence in America. I know, I seem to be stuck on this inflammatory subject, yet nothing productive has come about while the problem swells. In the absence of any emotional granularity on this topic, two opposing perspectives have drawn a ridiculous hard line between them, that has prevented any progress.   “No Guns vs. No Rules”  is the only debate taking place today. Not a single rational discussion has taken place by the people of influential standing with respect to this issue of murder and the tools for its occurrences. It can’t be boiled down to simplistic components for easy digestion by the average citizen. People want to interpret their varying perspectives in absolute perceptions, yet the rule of law doesn’t provide that type of reality. Laws and Rights are unique human concepts for organizing social behaviors. Their applications and effectiveness varies from situation to situation as they are presented. 

  “Fake News” 

CBS 60 Minutes reported tonight on the use of chemical weapons on the citizens of Syria by the cocksucker Bashar Assad. The world watches and denies his atrocities against the very people he claims to represent. At what point does murder of innocent people create outrage? 

  “It’s Complicated” 

After spending the last couple of days helping my adult son get his healthcare situation lined out, I can’t help but wonder how the average person figures this fucking mess out.  I’m pretty sophisticated when it comes to the financial systems of this world, but healthcare insurance and the subsequent care provided is far too complex for just anyone to comprehend. So, how does this convey access to care, that can actually be utilized? 

  “Disguised Racism” 

watching the latest Netflix series “Ugly Delicious”, I praise David Chang for his utilization of food culture to crash the social divides of ignorance and prejudice. That being said, he invaded the south and suggests ideals that just don’t exist for everyone. The struggles of the immigrant and slave populations are undeniably present. The struggles of the no privileged white poor aren’t too far removed from that day to day existence to survive. NO ONE living in the present time has a disadvantage/advantage that’s unrelated to wealth. Poor people of EVERY skin color struggle. Wealthy people of every skin color have the opportunity to prosper. This idea that culinarily preference is completely related to your ethnicity is a myth. Cultures merge at the margin of their fringes, which are the commonality of heritage sharing and food. My grandmother never left the county she was raised in until she graduated high school, got married, and moved to California in a single weekend. Her exposure to a variety of cultures via the other Navy wives she encountered along her travels, gave her a culinary basis to build a family tradition off of. That tradition was eerily similar to the so called “Soul Food” popularity from African American heritage. My point is, all people at the lower end of any socioeconomic spectrum gravitate to the comfort of culinary traditions. Race is not the differential factor!