Critical Thinking




What does it actually mean to “Own It”? “Own What” exactly?

There’s reality, there’s your perspective of it, and there’s how you feel about all of that. Accepting and managing the interpretation and emotional fallout from our perspective is the ownership. You are saddled with how reality resonates within your consciousness. It’s on you to control and contain the rampant chain reaction each and every occurrence reveals. Sitting around falsely anticipating what may or may not happen in lieu of understanding yourself to the extent you’re nimble enough to navigate the myriad of possibilities outside of your influence. Establishing defined boundaries to your actual influence and not freaking the fuck out over the weight of the burden.


My mistakes thus far in my life all involved the confusion surrounding my feelings about various stations of my life’s path. Not realizing those feelings were only there because I allowed them to be emboldened over the best possible options associated with my circumstances. What felt right or wrong drove all the analysis of my consciousness. Dismissal of these emotional components in lieu of what made sense or was rationally supported never stood a chance against how I felt. We all wallow in our feelings until we discover the capacity to weigh them and categorize their purpose. My parents got a divorce when I was 15, and the devastating effects lingered until my early twenties. All the personal relationships during that period were shadowed by the emotional cloud of my despair. Reflecting back on this period of my life, I now see how I could have done a better job of finding my way through this situation. Every possibility of hope through opening up my heart to others was smashed by the emotional turmoil entangled around the weight of my Dads abandonment of his family, and more importantly me.


Every new version of me that evolves from the trials and tribulations of what life throws at me is an improvement over what existed prior too. Those present in my life today would cringe at many of the previous iterations of my journey. Lives have been adversely effected and feelings have been stepped on throughout the trajectory of all this. Yes, I have regrets, but knowing how they only restrict moving past emotional stagnation, I’ve learned to know better looking forward. I now take ownership of that how I feel part of my reality, and avoid the pitfalls of overemphasizing just the emotional aspects. Taking that ownership requires seizing the reigns of ones emotional entanglement. No one can make that choice for you. It’s all on you!


Love is some complicated shit! It feels so amazing, yet tears lives apart when improperly applied or misrepresented. Boiling it down to desire and pleasure only masks the true reality of its complexity. Responsible engagement is a much more accurate depiction of the situations it involves. Yet, love and it’s antithesis hate drive so much human behavior with their tug of war diametrically opposing forces. The very best and worst of our species rests at these polar opposites. The middle can only be achieved by wrangling the ownership of their creation away from its mystical evolution. Rationale contemplation where the decisions are rooted in the full spectrum of possibilities, not simply emotional motives. There’s simply no good place for hate to exist, and love needs conditioning to flourish. Once the coast is clear, love can be very rewarding for all.


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Living in a self directed perspective tends to lead us into taking situations and compressing the complexity of their circumstances into easy to digest stories. It comes to us very naturally as we cruise around on autopilot letting the automatic systems of our brain lead the way for much of our daily lives. Where this becomes an issue is whenever we assume things when relating to others, and then complicate matters more by having them do the same. You see, that perspective is unique to a single reality, and can’t really be transposed onto someone else’s. It’s just so fucking convenient for us to slap our sense of how something is or feels across another persons life, because that’s how we see it. It take painstaking focus and personal discipline to overcome this human trait. 


   “So, how do we move beyond our overly assumptive nature...?” 


This is where I’m at in this process, so take it for what it’s worth. Listen! We can’t gain another perspective without shutting down the one we have long enough to allow for different variations of something to be considered. This far more difficult than it sounds! Think of all the mediums for communication in today’s ever complex world. Each one must be adapted to in order to extract a reasonable viewpoint of another persons reality. Face to face gives one the best opportunity to really focus on what someone is trying to express, but not always available. Hearing their voice would be next in line, given the way our auditory system lends toward inflection during speech. Written correspondence becomes a bigger challenge, as it requires expressive capacity by the other person in order to instill enough details for detection of their perspective. 


  “Here’s the tricky part...the place we often highjack the story” 


Finding the patience to allow ourselves to consider what’s in front of us. Taking the time to digest and examine the content of another persons words as it relates to their feelings without making assumptions. Rapport is a delicate meshing of two or more perspectives, and must be nurtured and fostered with great care and attention to others emotional realms. The benefits are far more beneficial than any sense of being right can provide. This level of tolerance and acceptance of others perspectives is what the world needs more of. Defense and protection only breeds contempt, where love has no room to flourish. A life without all the love available isn’t the safe haven it’s portrayed to be. There is no limit to our capacity to love one another or care about one another in a deep and meaningful way. It simply takes practice and discipline to overcome our natural tendency to displace it with our over simplified assumptions...





“...how do you feel about squirrel and dumplings?” 


~Pat Sajak~


Contextually speaking, if we cherry pick our words to best suit their intended purpose, we can imply whatever the fuck we choose to.  



“...chicken shawarma deserves to be recognized”

Unsettled to the notion of sitting idly by, I dig for whatever exist within me, that I have yet to uncover. This replenishment program forces me to reach beyond today, while sifting through each moment as if it could become unexpectedly meaningful. The most gratifying aspect of any life is simply living it. There has to be a better future ahead, we already know this shit we’re doing now is not sustainable for another two hundred years. 


   “...My name is 'Roger the Shrubber”

 “...My name is 'Roger the Shrubber”

The Voice is on, and I find myself captivated by these stories within this process of the contest. There are people behind the lives displayed on the show. Swinging around your emotions the way they do, only to be rejected at some point. The essence of vulnerability.



  “...farm livin is the life for me” 

I had written this brilliant paragraph in this exact same space previously, only to have it come up missing from a shitty internet connection that didn’t actually save it before closing out the app.  



   “...hummus knows the way”

I’ve let this script run over its timeline, and now have several days worth of notations here. There’s no actual schedule for anything showing up here anyway. This has to ebb and flow with the proverbial tide. There are plenty of occasions where something swells up within, begging to be written down, and I look up to find I’m nowhere near any means of transcribing my thoughts. Such is life? 🙄 





   “...guest shots from friends river cruise”


Today is the first tornado weather of the year for our area. Natural forces can be incredibly powerful and devastating at times. Predictably unpredictable, these tightly wrapped extreme rotations of air masses drop down out of the clouds to wreak their havoc on the surrounding areas. 




   “...building responsible adults”


This post has become so random at this point, I couldn’t help but to throw that last one in there😎  

Life is busy in all the right ways. Allergies in full bloom with the arrival of spring foliage. The dogwood trees are finally bearing their flowers, and everything with leaves are transforming from their winter listlessness to the splendor of the green beauty we enjoy the majority of the year.  



   “...meatballs from heaven”



My goal for today (it’s already Saturday, I started this piece on Tuesday) is to shake off the physical/mental distractions stemming from my allergies and focus on focusing again. Awareness of all that you can keep a thoughtful eye on combined with distraction free focus on points of emphasis within your life. Floundering around absent of purposeful direction is not a good fit for me. Identification of the correlation between health, body, mind, and spirit leads me to want a better quality of daily existence. Overall quality of life is more tied to this daily experience than the peaks and valleys prevalent in the social fabric surrounding me today. Media from all sources, over expresses the extremities of life, thus giving many people the false sense that their life may be lacking somehow. Ignoring the urge to compare one life to another, or focusing too much attention toward what’s missing. Avoiding distractions from the beauty each and every moment offers. Accepting how life fits within our perceptions is the key.