There’s hope, even in the face of apparent ignorance and self absorption for special interests. Young Americans are energized over the epic legislative failures surrounding the ongoing issues of mass shootings and lack of gun control. Cameron Kasky struck a nerve with his statement   “We are the generation of mass shootings...”  Having been born shortly after Columbine, there’s been a mass shootings every year of his life. That’s a terrible tribute to the social footprint for all that fall under that statistic. The complexity of how we arrived at this dilemma is only overshadowed by the solution to its presence. Let’s then contrast that detail against the fact we had the lowest voter turnout since WWII that elected the furthest outlier from the political establishment. What am I suggesting here, simply that the newly armed technology equipped liberally motivated youth of   “March for Our Lives” are a viable agent for significant change. Only time will tell if their convictions are as strong as their words, but the fact they’re challenging the status quo of inept sociological partisan gridlock is encouraging. 


We are living in the distant future of our grandparents. All of us relate to our lives in terms of perspective, and that perception shifts with each and every group born into existence. Our fallacy lies within our anchoring that perspective by established biases we live along the way. Experiences become such powerful distractions from actual real time interpretation, that they distort what we come to know as beliefs. The autonomic interoceptive systems in our brain have packed all of this into our sensory capacity in order for our species to survive in a world vastly different from the present one. Those systems probably looks tens of thousands of years to evolve, while the world we've created has evolved in just a few hundred years. This disparity behind our mismatching what we call intuitive processing and the world we've crafted is the story underlying much of the social disfunction alluded to in the opening paragraph. Change scares the fuck outta folks, and it’s occurring at light speed compared to the social capacity to absorb and adjust to it. We have large groups of individuals collectively searching for a rational explanation to their intuitive miscalculations. They are being herded around by change architecture they haven’t a clue exists. The relevance of compassion to the past is ever increasing losing its significance. This is the crux of the issue, as we are a species of storytelling. Remember that social evolution detail I mentioned before, well it can’t hold a candle to how fast life is advancing for those, who can keep up. 



Stormy Daniels suggested her lifestyle would be in jeopardy for ratting our Trump, I’m not sure exactly how, but Trump should have to answer to his wife for his horny little fantasy ride. Cohn should be examined for campaign contribution violations, and then the voters can decide how it effects the office of The President. Porn star fantasies are what keep the profession going. You sort of had to understand how big a dick Donald Trump is long before he ran for office?



Love is the single most magical aspect of our existence. It’s thoughts, feelings, and hormones flexing their influence all at once. It’s so captivating to our consciousness, it fills all the spare moments we don’t use for the operational aspects of life. You don’t even have to consider its presence, it just rises up from within the human in all of us. We’ve made it so complicated with the written and spoken word, attempting to describe and define its presence in our reality. Something so powerful surely must have a reasonable explanation. It falls upon all of us to share it with as many others as we can, by giving our hearts to the true spirit of compassion and connection. Everybody feels something for someone else...



   #stormy daniels 


Seemingly everywhere you turn these days, there are encounters with people supposedly doing their jobs, yet the experience leaves you feeling like they simply didn't give a shit about fulfilling your expectations of them. These disenfranchised individuals lack enthusiasm for our perspectives of their worlds. It’s like sitting through someone else’s photo exhibit of their vacation, it lacks the emotional correlation for you, because you weren’t a part of that experience. Income inequality is a component of this separation on a societal level, but it doesn’t reverse itself whenever we trickle down minute particles of resources via government redistribution mechanisms. Building better understandings via supporting more even childhoods is a much better tool to enhance more lives, yet getting that message to tenor with more people is extremely challenging as well. Being a gossip driven species, homo sapiens lean more on hearsay than reality for support. We tend to address what strikes our emotional buttons with whatever makes us feel better, than doing the much harder work of digging through this cloak of bullshit for these particles of truth. Sprinkle a bit of ideology over all of this, and encouraging individuals to simply accept this assigned station of life replaces that hope I talked about previously. 


Humans are inherently emotionally lazy critters, whenever it comes to pushing outside of what’s comfortable for us. This is evident in the explosion of media/entertainment engagement over my lifetime.  Rather than spending time in introspective thoughts, we spend huge amounts of time in mind numbing watching of precisely choreographed make believe pseudo reality. Because it’s so compelling to us, we ultimately create huge pockets of wasted financial resources to support this lunacy, only to ponder the problems of why our society has real life inequalities. I’m not even suggesting that there’s not substantial benefit from what is truly art and the creative process here. There is a significant role for social benefit from how that molds the human experience. I’m merely suggesting on an individual basis, we shift our attitude towards personal growth by acknowledging the current status quo is a bit fucked up. It’s exactly what’s transpired in my life over the past fifty-five years. I don’t consider myself any kind of role model here, but if a guy from Arkansas without a string of college degrees can gain a better perspective than the one supported by the average person surrounding me. It makes me believe anyone with a thirst for more from life can attain similar results. For me it all started with someone encouraging me to have higher expectations for myself in whatever I do. Remember the disenfranchised person I described in the beginning of this writing, put yourself in their shoes, then instead of cowering to the expectations of those around you, start trying to exceed them. After a while, you begin to set that bar just beyond your accepted comfort zone, and the evolution has begun. 


How often do we make compromises with ourselves? Because we represent both sides of any personal situation of the self, we view these dilemmas differently than whenever we assume only one side. Within any decision concerning more than one party, each sides perspective is skewed towards self interest. Dominant and submissive personalities come forward, and the metrics for which they meet drives the negotiation. Bossy types want their way no matter what, while submissive types yield to what others insist upon. There’s much more granularity to this, but my point here is to paint a picture of how we inner act with others in order to contrast that to how we treat those with ourselves.  


  “Once you compromise with yourself...what is left to give up?” 


 I first used this phrase in my late teens, as a buddy and I were in deep philosophical conversation, while extremely stoned. This was very common of the 70’s and 80’s! I used it again yesterday, when commenting on a post with a moral dilemma present. The terms of these   “Self Negotiations”  are the relevance of the conversation, for it’s the demands we make of ourselves that reflect our integrity and character. Short of expressing every single thought, no one else knows our inner dilemmas on a moment by moment basis. Research has shown the human propensity to rationalize the behaviors stemming from our responses to our own emotional thresholds. We eat the chocolate, even though we’re not in need of nutrients, because it tastes so good, then guilt rears it’s ugly head, and we smash it down with a dose of   “Its only one candy bar...I’ll compensate somehow for it later”.   (Sound familiar) Granted, this is a very simplistic yet cliche analogy, but we do this with so many other circumstances, it’s a major part of all of our experiences. 

  “How does this affect each of us as individuals...?” 

As with everything Homo Sapien, what we all share lies hidden beneath the complexity of what makes us individuals. Only when we share these specific occurrences of moral dilemmas can we begin to better manage the inner negotiations we all face. Conversely, whenever we negotiate with others, we can benefit from how we deal with ourselves. Applying the view of both perspectives to any discussion builds better connections and thusly closer relationships. If I feel as though I understand you anywhere close to how I view myself, I have much more sympathy, empathy, and compassion for everyone. The biggest requirement to this paradigm involves each of us to first develop an honest understanding of ourselves. Knowing the boundaries for compromise, and not being too controlling or weak in where we make our stand on how we flush out decisions. Once we establish values, we drive our conscious choices with their support. Constant evaluation of said values promotes change leading to progress. Latching ahold without any further scrutiny...well, that’s the definition of conservatism😳